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Alexei Romanov


Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Vassili Filatov
     Filatov case is a classical one and it is not very different from the other claimants stories. It's only the higher mediatical impact due to the book "The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II" that Vadim Petrov, Igor Lyssenko and Georgi Egorov devoted to it which gave it nowaday a special place in "Pretender Literature"
  • The Vassili Filatov story:

     Having seen that some Romanovs were still alive after the first shots and were only injured, Yurovsky's men decided to bring them in the forest to destroy them here. Protected by his father but sturnned during the shot, Alexei awoke in truck and succeeded living the truck during the way to the pit mines. Then, he reached the train station of Chartach where he was found by the Stretokines brothers who were part of the Ipatiev House guards and who decided to help him.

     Then, Stretokines brothers took Alexei to Chadrinsk city where he was cared in the family of a shoe-maker. This man, after, adopted Alexei, gived him the identity of his youngest son, Vassili, died some time ago of disease.

     His adoptive father died in 1921 and, from 1922 to 1928, Vassili was put in various orphanages. Then, he started to follow courses intending to become a teacher, first in Grozny then in Tioumen while working as professor in different cities. In 1936, graduated of Tioumen institute, he became a teacher in the area of Isetsk.

     In 1953, Vassili married Lidia Kouzminitcha Klimenkova, a mathematics teacher in the same school. The couple will have 4 children. Oleg, born in 1953, Olga, in 1955, Irina, in 1957 and Nadejda in 1961. In 1955, Filatov family came in the city of Pretoria in the province of Orenburg where Vassili carried on teaching until his retirement, in 1967. Then, Vassili and his wife went in Ikrianoe city, in the province of Astrakhan where he died in 1988 of a cardiac insufficiency.

     Vassili Filatov never spoke openly about what happend to him and to his family. He remained still very vague about his early childhood and astonished all people by its culture and its education when he was supposed to come from a modest family of shoe-maker.

     He known a lot of things about Romanov family and about the way they had been imprisoned and murdered at a time where the events around Romanov death had not been made public yet. He evoked also the escape of Alexei, speaking about the young boy sometimes with the 'he' word, sometime with the 'I' letting a doubt on his real identity!

     On a medical point of view, Vassili Filatov has been reformed from army because of his left leg which was atrophied and paralyzed. One of his feet was also smaller than the other one and he has to wear special orthopedic shoes. Vassili also presented some symptoms close to hemophilia and has gradually learned to live with it and face his disease with various natural methods and pharmacopoeia.

     Vassili Filatov's children, who present a certain resemblance with some Romanov family members, are convinced that their father could have been Alexei Romanov surviving from Ipatiev house killing. They have started graphological tests and scientific analyses of photographs which would have given disconcerting results. They decided also to finance DNA tests on their father body to raise the doubt. The "Alexander Palace Time Machine Forum" devotes some threads about last news on the "Filatov" case. You can find this URL in the 'Links' section of Romanov-Memorial.Com.