Watch-making and jewellery workshop of Yakov Yurovsky

t is the crossing of the former Pochtamskaya street and the former Podgorny Pereulok (now the crossing of Lenina avenue and Belentsa Pereulok). The former house of the merchant Diomid Shadrin, where in 1906 - 1911 a private watch and jewelry workshop of Tomsk citizen ( born on June 19 (July 1) 1878), the regicide Yakov Yurovsky situated. There on July 5(17), 1871 the regicide Yakov Yurovsky saw his future victim - the Heir Tsesarevich (The Emperor Nicholas I) when He went from the Iverskaya chapel to the governor's house. The description of their first meeting can be found in Yurovsky's memoirs "Confession of the executioner" which were published in the magazine "Rodina" 1, 1993. Having sold all his property at half price, in 1911 Yakov Yurovsky went to Ekaterinburg, where on July 17, 1918 he headed the execution of the Emperor Nicholas II and His Family.

Regicide Y..Yurovsky
The browning of Y..Yurovsky with which he shot the last Russian Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich II

n July 16-17, 1918 at night in a basement of the house of Ipatev in Boznesenskaya avenue in Ekaterinburg according to the resolution of the Presidium of Council of Ural the following people were executed: Russian Emperor Nicholas II (Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov), Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, tsarevich Alexis Nikolayevich, Grand Duchesses - Olga Nikolaevna, Tatyana Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna and Anastasia Nikolaevna, the physician E.S.Botkin, the indoor woman A.S.Demidova, the cook I.M.Haritonov and the man - servant A.E.Trupp. Their bodies were removed to the region Ganina Yama, where on July 17, 1918 they were separated and thrown into an "open mine". As the place of the concealment of the bodies wasn't good, at 10 a.m. on July 17, 1918 having set the guards, Y.M.Yurovsky left for Ekaterinburg to settle with the Ural Councl the problem of finding another burial place. G.I.Safarov, I.I.Goloshchekin and others made a decision to burn down a part of the bodies or to disfigure them by an acid and to bury them in different places while to throw the other part in mines near Moskovsky trakt. Yurovsky in his memoirs described their actions: "Then the remains were buried just there, under the fire, and then the fire was lit up again and it completely concealed the traces of our digging. At the same time a common grave was dug for the rest. By 7 o'clock a.m. the pit had been ready. It was about 2 arshins (about 56 inches) deep and 3 (84 inches) long and wide. The bodies were put into the pit, the faces and bodies were poured with a sulphuric acid so that they were unrecognizable as well to prevent the stink of decomposition (the pit wasn't too deep). Having thrown the pit with earth and brushwood we put over sleepers and passed by several times so that no traces of the pit were left". The secret was well kept - the White didn't find that burial place...

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