Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia





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Before sending me a question about this site or about its contents, check if the answer is not listed below...

Q : Can I freely use texts or pictures of romanov-memorial.com for a school work or study ? (Non-Commercial Use Only)

 A : Yes, you can use all material of romanov-memorial.com in your work as long as you mention the original URL of romanov-memorial.com in your bibliography.

Q : Can I freely use texts or pictures of romanov-memorial.com for a book or article project ? (Commercial Use)

 A : All pictures used in romanov-memorial.com are themselves scanned from books or found on Internet so I could not prevent you from reusing it at your turn ! In the other hand, computer graphics pictures of Ipatiev house are copyrighted romanov-memorial.com and if you want to use it, please contact me before.

Q : Could you send me more information about Romanov family or Russia story ?

 A : All elements I have about Romanov are on this site so I will not able to send you more! If you are looking for more documents on this subject on Internet, I suggest you to visit the 'Related Links' section of romanov-memorial.com where you will find a selection of good sites on Romanov and Anastasia subject. In the 'About' section, I have also mentioned books, websites and newspapers I used in romanov-memorial texts and you can download some of them in PDF format.

Q : I don't understand English. Are there Russian, Spanish, French or German releases of romanov-memorial.com ?

 A : I am myself french but things being what they are, I developed this site in English so that a majority of people can enjoy it. You can easily translate on the fly pages of romanov-memorial.com from English to another language using online translators.

Q :  I have a website or a homepage section dedicated to Romanov. Could you list it in the links section of romanov-memorial.com ?

 A : Send me the URL of your site so that I could visit it first. My links section already lists several websites and I don't want to list websites having too similar information. According to the principle of reciprocity, if romanov-memorial.com mentions your website, itself has to contain a link towards romanov-memorial.com. I supply in this goal a banner you are free to use in your links page.

Q : The 360 panoramic viewer off cellar room doesn't work. Why ?

 A : If you are using Internet Explore (IE), you can use Smootmove plugin. To install it, open the 'Plugin Required' Pop-Up to download the installation program.

Q : I am looking particularly for information about Anastasia

 A : This site is not especially dedicated to Anastasia but about the tragic end of the whole Romanov family in 1917. If you are looking for stuff about Anastasia, I suggest you to go to the links section where you will found several sites dedicated about her.

Q : Is this site affiliated to the Romanov family or to the Russian government ?

 A : Not at all. romanov-memorial.com has been designed by private people and is hosted in France.

Q : Can we be sure that bones found are those of the Romanov family ?

 A : Scientists having made DNA tests on bones found estimate that the probability of the remains belonging to the Romanov as being 98.5%. But some people still think Russian government still hides them the thrue about their death and that the official burial of the remains in 1998 was a way to put a final point arround it.

Q : Do you know if some Romanov could have escaped from the Ipatiev house killing ?

 A : Until the discovery and identification of the nine first bodies in 1979, then the last two ones in 2007, there had been a lot of people saying they were Alexei or one Grand Duchesses surviving from Ipatiev house. The most famous of them was a woman called Anna Anderson which appeared in 1920 in Berlin but it have been proved she was not Anastasia. Many men had pretended too beeing Alexei surviving from the Ipatiev house killing. On my pretenders section I list some famous pretenders like Anna Anderson or Alexei / Heino Tammet. Because of romanov-memorial.com, I receive also numerous emails of people all around the world saying they known the true about Alexis or missing daughter !

Q : I have not found answer to my question here. Can I contact you ?

 A : If you want to contact me, you can fill in this form (click on the letter bellow)

Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
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