Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia







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1 - 16/10/1999

I found this very helpful in understanding the execution itself

2 - 17/10/1999
Douglas W. Pendleton

Have never heard the story about the circle of light falling on the cross. Made me stop and think that perhaps the canonization of the Czar should occur.

3 - 17/10/1999
Kato Hetch

Good Site, some thoughts and corrections: Boris Yeltsin was ordered to take down the Ipatiev House in 1977. Yes due to the fact that it would turn out to be "Holy" for the pilgrimages. Mind you, The Tsar and his family were cannonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Though the Russian Government has accepted the found the (supposedly) remains of the family with some missing skeletons (relics), after burying them in St. Petersburg in 1998, there is a question of a doubt once again, if they were the remains. That was the reason why there were no special ceremonies this year. Russia could have been a very powerful country, and apparently that bothered some.

4 - 12/11/1999
Karine G

Voilà un site qui nous permet de se retrouver au début du siècle et qui très bien exprime la mentalité de l'époque. Divertissant, captivant, touchant et passionnant! Félicitation!!!

5 - 26/11/1999

Rien de nouveau, domage....Trop d'inexactitudes pour être crédible

6 - 29/11/1999

Un site bien construit. C'est bien d'avoir fait quelque chose sur la famille Impériale

7 - 07/12/1999

Excellentes informations et toutes les photos rend ce site une pure merveille .

8 - 08/12/1999

Donner un avis sur un document est toujours chose delicate, mais ici la tache ne m'est pas trop difficile car en un mot je dirais: Sensationnel

9 - 21/12/1999

je vous remerci davoir créez ce site sa va beaucoup maidé pour mon projet en informatique(je le fais sur la dynastie des romanov

10 - 31/12/1999

Excellent site, though, I have found a mistake, in the Historical Background section, the picture of the tsar's children... The order is Tatiana, Anastasia,Alexei, Maria, Olga

11 - 02/01/2000
Angela Markotich

This site is quite good, but on the pages about the death it was a little incoherent and confusing

12 - 03/01/2000
Sindt d'Hollbruck

Vivent les ROMANOV

13 - 03/01/2000
lutard aude

le site internet romanov est interressante

14 - 04/01/2000

un peu morbide et voyeur....

15 - 09/01/2000

A very good page and it helped me a lot when I was diong a work about the russian revolution.

16 - 13/01/2000

I have read abook that says the Czar and his family were NOT killed but allowed to escape. Is this true?

17 - 13/01/2000

Dig for the truth and you may find it!the real story is not out.

18 - 15/01/2000

Par sa dégradation physique et morale, Boris Eltsine a payé l'ultime crime contre les Romanov: celui de détruire jusqu'au lieu où ils furent exécutés.

19 - 22/01/2000
Peter Sarandinaki

I started a group called SEARCH. Scientific Expedition to Account for the Romanov Children. Have gone to Ekateringburd and searched for the remains of the two missing children. We continued Sokolov's work and are still in the process of doing it. Any questions contact me.

20 - 23/01/2000

Super intéressant, j'adore!!!

21 - 24/01/2000
elizabeth wynacht

As my 4 year old son watches "anastasia" an animated film, It was very interesting to research and visit your site. What a tragedy this family suffered.

22 - 24/01/2000
Peter Sarandinaki

Alexander Avdonin is working on this very same subject. Funds are needed to do this work. This site could be better. The English translation is poor but understandable. There is a lot more that can be said here.

23 - 26/01/2000
Fernand Verville

During the revolution my father was in Russia as a soldier for Canadian army, my hart is bleeding for this Romanov family, specialy for the pool childs. Very interesting site.

24 - 31/01/2000
Marie-Ève Lortie

Le meilleur site que j'ai eu la chance se visiter!!!

25 - 06/02/2000
abigail b.

Hi this is a neat site, I have never seen the likes of before. The Inside and Outside tour is great. Just, why is the Ipatiev house pink?!

26 - 12/02/2000
David Savage

every time I think of this I just want to cry having read the letters and diaries of the tsar and his family been to their home and church at tsarskoe selo I am truly convinced that they the Tsar and his family were truly a holy family and rightfully deserve cannonization this was a subject of my senior research paper I am also a student of russian church architecture having photographed most the churchess between Moscow and St Petersburg have designed a fitting church to be built on the murder site of the family. can anyone help me submit this to the Patriarch ??

27 - 17/02/2000
Daniel Prince

Tout un site ! Vraiment touchant, tout cela laisse songeur y-a-t'il une limite à la cruauté de l'Homme ?

28 - 26/02/2000

Thank you so much for this interesting site!!! I have found it very helpful in my research paper on the truth of Anna Anderson. In order to fully understand the subject you have to be able to cite different ways that some of the children or others could have escaped. After doing all of my research i think that Anna Anderson was an imposter because of the dna. Of course it could have been tampered with but... i don't think anyone who worked on the dna testing had alterior motives. I think the other two bodies were probably burned beyond recognition. Good job on the site. very interesting.

29 - 26/02/2000

Congratulations on your site and on the great efforts u made to make it look so nice. The information really helped me for my schoolwork on the death of the Russian Family and it made alot more sense than the other things that i've looked up so far! Well done!!!!!

30 - 03/03/2000
Gabrielle Trams

This website made everything I have researched dealing with the Romanov family so much more real. Seeing actual pictures of the house, family, and the execution room itself made all of the news stories and articles much more alive and real to me.

31 - 06/03/2000
Mary and Sarah

This site is quite lovely and i think you have done a wonderful job....(clap clap clap)

32 - 16/03/2000

c'est très bien fait et très intéressant - bravo

33 - 17/03/2000
Peter Kurth

Very well done.

34 - 18/03/2000

excellent, et encore ce mot est trop faible

35 - 18/03/2000

This site is a memorial to tragedy. Why kill the innocents? These men were cowards, evil unspeakable cowards. I am haunted by this story.

36 - 21/03/2000

I have been researching this topic and this website has to be the best that I have come across yet... Thank you for making such an infomative site.

37 - 24/03/2000
Niall Palmer

Interesting site. Where can I get a copy of the Ivanov film?

38 - 28/03/2000
Natalie Ceasar

I found this a very touching story though you don't have all of your

39 - 28/03/2000
Natalie Ceasar

Facts correct maybe you should visit http://www.alexanderpalace.org it has some very usefull information. On the whole terrific. VERY sad and touching pictures

40 - 28/03/2000

good website

41 - 31/03/2000

arriére-petit fils du Dr.Botkine je ne ne peux que vous féliciter pour un tel site,ma grand-mére est morte malheusement trop tot.Merci pour le souvenir de son pére

42 - 13/04/2000
Leon Muller

conclusively not able to identify,however it is possible

43 - 18/04/2000

very interesting! Have not seen this much information on the 'ipatiev' house before. Shame you got the children's names wrong on their picture though.

44 - 04/05/2000
cassandra inch

I think this is an amazing site that I will visit often.

45 - 05/05/2000

This is the best site I have ever seen. You did a very good job. I am from Russia and I want to thank you very much for making a site about the Romanov Memorial.

46 - 19/05/2000

I am teaching my 7th grade students about the Romanovs. They are fascinated! We will be visiting your excellent website in my classes. Thanks for keeping the memory of the family alive.!

47 - 22/05/2000

Ithink that the web site was good with alot of detail.

48 - 24/05/2000
Sarah Kölcsey

I have to write an essay and I chose this theme.I read a lot of books ,articels and searched on the net.When I found this site I was fascinated.Congratulation!You helped me a lot.Love,Sarah from Hungary and articels

49 - 24/05/2000
Yeng Lee

This site was great and had good information.

50 - 27/05/2000

This tells me more about Anastasia and her family. This is one of the better sites about her. Thanks, Amanda





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