Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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751 - 01/06/2005

hi im really interested in this i like love it all i want to marry the romanovs im so uspet there dead

752 - 01/06/2005
Elizabeth North Sweeney

would love to receive news on the romanovs

753 - 02/06/2005
maria claudia

holas good history

754 - 03/06/2005

This is a wonderful site. I appreciate all the effort you have put into it. Thank you very much

755 - 03/06/2005

this is a sad Website

756 - 05/06/2005

My aim iz 2 gain az much info az i can of anything containing historical value. The story of tha Romanov family touches me gr8ly...i wish i could've met them.

757 - 06/06/2005

wat happened 2 the imperial family wasnt cool! this web site has told me alot but id lyk 2 no y they were sent 2 tha house!

758 - 06/06/2005

i would like to thank you, i think this is by far one of the best sites i have visited. I didnt know a thing about the alexei pretenders i think the last one looks pretty much like him do you know anything new about his DNA test?

759 - 08/06/2005
Kaitlyn N

I was very pleased with this website mainly because it gave me a better idea of the family tragedy. I believe there story is one of the most amazing stories of history and has always fasinatied me, i would have to say the Czars are my absolute favorite thing to learn more about( which is alot for someone to say who is a history buff) It is said that the ipatiev house was destroyed, since it was a huge part of history, and i myslef would have liked to visit it instead of just seeing picutures but maybe someday i will have to see the very site that so stricks my interests. When i was a kid anastasia was my favorite movie and it wasnt till my english teacher got me really intereted in it that i actaully understood the truth and not just the childs story

760 - 09/06/2005
Cierra Lawhorne

I love reading about this stuff and it is very intresting.

761 - 10/06/2005

Three Thumbs Up.. Thank you for all of your hard work.

762 - 12/06/2005

i am only 11 but i love anastacias music shes the greatest i think shes so pretty and love her new song every thing burns if anyone knows how i could meet her please email me i would love to meet her

763 - 13/06/2005

Me encantaria saber que paso con Anastasia si murio o no que hagan mas escabaciones donde encontraron los cuerpos de su familia o cerca de ahi. Siempre me intereso esta historia porque me imagino que si ella no murio habra sufrido mucho sin su familia .Hay una pelicula de Disney que cuenta la historia que muestra que sus padres murieron pero termina en un final feliz ella regresa con su abuelaY poer amor renuncia al trono, capaz fue asi y unca nadie quiso decir nada respecto a eso.y si ella no murio capaz que cambio su nombre.

Mandenme una respuesta pero en castellano

764 - 16/06/2005

I think that the Romanov´s story is one of the gratest infames of all times.

765 - 21/06/2005

this is a shocking site

766 - 23/06/2005
Margaret Rose Miranda

I pray that one day you may all rest together has a family in peace and in God's Love

767 - 25/06/2005
Stella Jacobsen

I have always loved the martyred Royal Family of Nicholas II. I am touched and very grateful for this website. They were gentle, loving people massacred by fiends. But they have risen to even more glory than they achieved in life. Thank God the murderous Communist regime has fallen! I hope that one day the House of Romanov will once again rule over Russia.

Holy Romanov Martyrs, please pray for us.

768 - 25/06/2005

the romanoves sound like wonderful people the person who decided they could just come and start killing them should have been punished!it would have been incredible to have met them the royal family.

769 - 27/06/2005

queria uma pesquisa sobre a familia romanov.

770 - 29/06/2005
marisa verdier

por curiosidad quisiera saber si encontraron a la verdadera anastasia

771 - 30/06/2005
Sharon Burnett

Great site! I love it, it tells so much about what happened! It's so hard to find a good site that does that! Thanx!

772 - 04/07/2005

The story of the Romanov family, is intruiging, but heartbreaking at the same time, Thank you for going deeper into the injustice that was served to this beautiful family.

773 - 04/07/2005
Kaitlyn Harrison

good site... will visit again shortly... good luck

774 - 04/07/2005
Abigail Ranar

I really enjoyed my visit. A great site

775 - 05/07/2005

Its a very good site it makes u think about their horrible death i think that they didnt deserve to die and should still be alive today

776 - 05/07/2005
Jonathan Wagner

I will visit this site frequently. Hope there will be more and more resources provided.

777 - 06/07/2005

Me gustaria saber mas hacerca de la pincesa Anastacia, ya que pienso que la familia Romanov, nunca quizo declarar a Ana Anderson como la verdadera heredera

778 - 10/07/2005
schapovaloff irina

me encantaria saber sobre los romanov...y de paso sabre que coneccion tiene mi apellido a la familia real

779 - 11/07/2005

OMG !! i feel so sorry for the Romanov's. The huge complication between Anna Anderson and Anastasia fascinates me deeply. It's an unsolved ancient mystery that should be recognised as the '8th Wonder of the World'

780 - 12/07/2005
sascha barbakov

would like information on a M. CZAREVITCH who came to America, in the mining area of Tonopah, Nevada , it could have had a different name back then, the city, that is. it is mineral county today. it is near the city of goldfield. many eatern europeans came out for these jobs, and M. CZAREVITCH (he did not use the T as in Tsaravitch or Tzaravitch), so it was some time back. he was buried in the cemetery in tonopah, nevada, current city and mineral county, current county, next door to current tonopah apartments, in town.

781 - 14/07/2005
Emily Miles

Bonjour, vos site est tres amusante et je l'adore

782 - 14/07/2005
Sergio Romero de Colombia

Soy latino me a gustado la información que aqui se da pero me gustari que esta estubiera en castellano, me gustaria saber si la señora Anderson era Anastasia Romanov o no, quien le pertenecen los ahora las pertenencias de la familia, hay algun decendiente de la familia imperial, que paso con el hermano de Nicolas II el cual escapo cuando Nicolas le sedio el poder, porque los hijos de el si no es que lo mataron en la revolución de octubre porque no an reclamado lo que les pertenece, espero que me hallan leido esto


783 - 17/07/2005

17th July 05
87 years today. (I think...tell me if I calculated it wrong)

784 - 19/07/2005

would like to offer prayer and sympathy to romanov family

785 - 20/07/2005
Ian Quaice

I learned more useful infos from ur site. Thanx much!

786 - 27/07/2005
Summer Snow

God bless them...

787 - 27/07/2005
Summer Snow

It really upsets me that they destroyed this house...It should still stand as a reminder of the brutal crimes of power, greed, and government! It should be there so that people can mourn....destroying the actual house that they were killed in was taking away a peice of history and closure from the Russian people. And all who are interested in and respect the Romanov families and what they represented.

788 - 28/07/2005

It shocks me that the children were killed along with their parents, surely they could not do any harm? I cannot begin to imagine how it would have felt.

789 - 28/07/2005

This is such a good website, much more informative than any other. I have known the truth about the Romanovs for years, and I still can't believe that happened. I hope that one day this mystery will be completely solved, and they'll find Marie(in my opinion) and Alexei's bodies soon. They are in our prayers. dos vidania to the Romanovs!-RIP NAOTMAA.

790 - 30/07/2005
brenda butler

Were the romanovs really raped? I read conflicting stories about this. Can someone enlighten me.

791 - 31/07/2005
petra montewnegro

Dos linajes se unen en el exilio:Ivankovith-Ivanovna y Drucki-Lubecki,¿no serán ellos los primeros pretendientes,en línea directa.El padre de Dª María fue hijo de la bailarina querida del Zar, quien la casó con un primo indirecto suyo

792 - 01/08/2005
Margaret Miranda

I pray you will all rest together soon

793 - 03/08/2005

me interesaria saber un poco mas sobre la vida de la dinastia Romanov, sobre todo de la vida de anastacia Romanov, si es que murio e1 17 de julio de 1918.


794 - 03/08/2005

hola , quisiera saber un poco mas de informacion sobre la vida de la Dinastia Romanov, sobre todo de Anastacia Romanov sobre el suceso de que no se sabe si murio la madrugada del 17 de julio 1917.

Espero contar con su ayuda , me es muy necesario por que estoy haciendo un proyecto sobre las Dinastias.
hasta pronto y gracias por su atenta coperacion.

795 - 04/08/2005

Excellant, I loved this site, they are with God, I would love to receive more information on the Romanov's

Thank you Very Much

796 - 07/08/2005

quisiera ver algunas fotos de la familia de anastacia y de ella! tambien como fue que se murio o si es que la encontraron y quien se hizo pasar por ella durante varios años y a su muetre confeso que no era annia y fotos muchas fotos.....
exelente citio

797 - 09/08/2005
Bruce Fulin

I believe there is better photos that can me used to support the historical statements.

798 - 13/08/2005

La familia Imperial Romanov, esta dentro de mi corazon, son parte de mi vida hace muchos años, y me han ayudado a ver la vida desde otro punto de vista, por todo el sufrimiento y la entereza con que vivieron, ahora pertenesco a la Iglesia Ortodoxa y leo todo lo que llega a mis manos sobre sus vidas.
Tengo muchos amigos de diferentes paices que comparten con migo fotos, textos, etc., somos un grupo bien especial, contactate con migo para que seamos muchos mas.
GOD SAVE THE TZAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

799 - 15/08/2005

The death of the Russian royal family was wrong. BUT let us not forget the terrible suffering of the ordinary people of Russia under the rule of this family. If the Romanov's had been more Christian in their approach to their fellow human beings the revolution would have not occured.
Exteemism breeds extreemism. The tzar was a dictator who opposed most reforms. His wife was waseven worse!
In the UK we avoided revolution through electoral reform. Our Royal family is subject to paliament. Let this terrible lesson from history be a warning to all of us.

800 - 18/08/2005

Noone knows what really happened that night in Ekaterinburg. Maybe the Romanov's granddaughters and grandsons are with us. But I don't believe it. They killed them all 87 years ago and nothing changes that. It's good site!
I think I will visit Ekaterinburg in 2018...
( I'm sorry, I can't speak English well.)





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