Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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 551 - 05/07/2004
Elizabeth Hernandez

Its a good and a magnific information about the Romanov family. I cried when i read and see all the information. I like to visit your country to see personally the church in memorial of the Romanov and other historical places.

552 - 05/07/2004
joan mujar

I just want to know more about the youngest daughter of the Romanov's family. And let the Romanov's family rest in peace!

553 - 05/07/2004


554 - 05/07/2004

Very informative, but the 360 degree panoramic views didn't work.

555 - 06/07/2004

Living in France, I am looking for informations about NICOLAS II'brothers : when, where they have born, they have died ? Do they have marry, have children ?
I am specially interested in "Georges".
What is Abbas Tuman for him ? a family castle ? Who were his relationship ? Where is he dead ? Where is he burried ?
Is it true "Georges" was the way to compare with the Czar and family ?
Thanks for your help.

556 - 10/07/2004
Robert J Buckman

what an amazing journey this family had. To think that political idelogy had a hand in such a cruel ending to this family. What a family tree to come to an end like this--Peter the Great --Catherine the Great .........

557 - 10/07/2004
Jessica White

Hey whats up? i think the real Anastasia Romanov is possing me or something cuz whenever we learn about the Russian Revolution i get all upset when we talk about The Romanovs. i know its her cuz i look alot like her.i also wish i could go see where the Romanov family was buried and see everything on them in a museum.i would love to have my dreams come true. i love learning about them.

558 - 11/07/2004
adam smith

It was tragic what happenend to them at the ipatiev house.The world will really never know how much they suffered.They are matyrs,it is a great shame that there were not more attempts to save then.

559 - 14/07/2004
University Professor Anton Caragea

I liked very much the site and the way it is organised, but I whould have liked more historical information, but all the way it is a very interesting and good organised material.
I wish you all the best and more future succes .
Historian Anton Caragea

560 - 15/07/2004
[removed after people request]

[removed after people request]

561 - 16/07/2004

Really my heart becomes heavy in knowing about the last moment of Tzar family. I can't understand why the Bolevisky behaved heartless way

562 - 17/07/2004

Es una triste noche,parece q la luna y las estrellas lloran por la misma razòn q yo.Hoy hace 86 años dieron muerte a 7 extraordinarias personas cuyos nombres perduran grabados en mi corazón y estoy segura que en muchos otros corazones también..Como dijo un amigo muy querido "Son parte de la historia del mundo, mientras sean recordados jamás morirán, es como la esperanza, nunca muere, porque es esperanza así como el recuerdo tampoco muere y si no muere el recuerdo, ellos seguirán viviendo por siempre!".Oh Dios, creo que tiene razón..Siempre estarán vivos!!.Los Bolcheviques fallaron si creían que aquella fría noche morirían. Siempre los sueño, siempre presentes, los amo mis queridos Romanovs, viven en mi corazón.


563 - 20/07/2004
Maria kristine Redillas

it's so nice here in your site. i wish i can find something about the life and assassinatio of the romanovs

564 - 24/07/2004
george enich

Many years of following story of the last tsar and martyr. The story is not finished.

565 - 25/07/2004

viewing this site was very emotional for me. i would love to hear from anyone who has detailed knowledge relating to the events in
St Petersburg immediatly prior to the
Romanovs being moved to Ekaterinaburg.

i am trying to establish the validity of past life recall

A worthwhile site,congratulations

566 - 29/07/2004
Larry Thomas

Execllant... Your site is well worth reading, the informaiton of knowledge is wonderful.
I recommen this web site to everyone.

Thank You Very Much

567 - 30/07/2004
Yannis Vrodos

I am so impressed with this website, I am 13 years old but I have been studing the Romanovs for over 3 years. I have read 3 books Including "The Fate Of The Romanovs" and watched over five documentries. I was very impressed when I saw this sight it gave a great insight.

Yannis Vrodos

568 - 30/07/2004
dianna heerdt

I watched a movie about the romanov's and remembered what was taught to us in school here in america.It was a very sad thing that happened to the royal family,one will never forget the cruelity of it all.The murder of inocent children because they were born of royal blood.You would think that the russian revolution would of given a lessor sentence,deported, but alas,no trial,no jurrors,no court to save them for what ever thier crime was,certainly their crime was not high enough to be put to death,and their children to pay the ultimate price as well.

569 - 05/08/2004

Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm living in Holland. My English is not so very good, but I'll try. I'm looking for a lot of information about Anastacia Romanov, and I found it here. But it's difficult for me to read all this in English. So I want to ask you something. Is there also a site like this in Dutch, so I can read it better? And could you send me more information and pictures about her?

Thanks a lot!

Yours faithfully,

Nicole Burgers

570 - 06/08/2004
Maryann harris

I am interested in the Romanov "story" and found this website very interesting.

571 - 06/08/2004

Oooh...I'm very impressed...Since my childhood, I have an strange atraction for the tragic story of Romanov...I love Russia and all her relatives: culture, art, gastronomy, idiom, people, music, history...
Someday I'll visit all the sites about I have read, like in this web: very cool :)
Thanks for the complet information and visual.

572 - 07/08/2004
Jimena Gaspar

I love everything about the Romanov family. I really want to larn more about them, especially from Anastacia, I wanna go to Russia and see the palace where they used to live.

573 - 07/08/2004
Mandie Campbell

Great site!

Poor Family!
God bless the Romanovs forever!

The young Tsarevitch was nearly 14 when hes killed, i just turn 15 today. five days before hes. i can't understand y thos damn men kill a young sick boy.

574 - 08/08/2004

Adorei o conteudo deste site,existem muitas informações sobre os romanov as quais eu desconhecia.Não sei o porque gosto tanto dos Romanov,espero um dia conhecer a Russia.

575 - 09/08/2004

This is a very interesting and helpful site!

576 - 13/08/2004
Alexandro Ross

This site help me a lot in the research of the family, if you make a place taking only about them i would be very happy thank you

577 - 17/08/2004

Thank you. You have cleared up a great many questions i had about the murder.

578 - 19/08/2004
franze oliver

one of the best site, if anyone who has more knowledge about the romanov please e mail me....

579 - 23/08/2004
etheldreda ellen

all of the pictures were nice...i hope they rest in peace now.

580 - 25/08/2004
claudwynne ann

hi i'm one of a researcher of romanov family's life. in short im one of your fan! even though it's the past

581 - 27/08/2004

Es una historia real,muy,muy triste y creo que a pesar de su regimen,y de todo lo que hicieron bajo su reinado,no merecian morir de esa manera. Es una historia que me ha impresionado muchisimo.
Creo que ellos merecian misericordia pero no la tuvieron departe de sus captores.Siendo que el que daba las ordenes era el zar, los otros miembros eran inocentes, no merecian morir.

582 - 27/08/2004
Joyce Lagasse

I am studying Anastasia. So i need help on info on her. Like everything about her. I think she is sooo cool.

583 - 03/09/2004

Soy una gran admiradora de los fallecidos zares y sus hijos. tengo un monton de libros que habland de ellos, muchas opiniones diferentes, sin embargo yo tengo la mia propia: Los romanov eran unas personas maravillosas que fueron cruelmente asesinadas, maldigo aquella noche que los mataron, no tuvieron consideracion ninguna al matar a ellos y a sus hijos. Todos los años mi madre y yo encendemos una vela en memoria a ellos. Esten donde esten que sean felices, o sino que se hayan rencarnado en otras personas y poder tener una vida mejor, por lo menos los hijos, sobre todo Alexander que era el mas pequño y apenas vivií, igualmente Anastacia.

584 - 05/09/2004
Belybeth Rivera

A very interesting and complete site

585 - 06/09/2004
Joyce Ommen

May they all rest in peace.

586 - 07/09/2004

Very enjoyable, and truely fascinating. I read Robert K. Massie´s book many years ago, and have been interested ever since. Good job!

587 - 10/09/2004
Warren Henry Fabe

Most of what I've learned about the Romanov deaths was mythical. After going over this site, it helped me understand about why, where and when they were killed

588 - 12/09/2004

your site is very helpful for my essay thanks a bunch!!

589 - 16/09/2004
M.Sergio Angela II (from Aruba)

I studied their history for years,now the only thing I can say is :"To the Imperial family,rest in peace ".

590 - 23/09/2004

Nice information and beautiful images.

591 - 24/09/2004
Myriam Claeys

Je viens de terminer un historique sur le Tszar et la famille Romanov.
Le désir machiavélique de détruire tout ce qui est de droit divin a commencé par le meurtre du roi de France Louis XVI et sa famille, histoire tristement similaire au massacre des Romanov.
Charles et Zita ont échappé à ce genre d'extermination atroce, mais c'était une lente et dégradente mise "en quarantaine" qui a mis fin aussi à l'histoire des Habsbourg!.
Cela continue encore, car la "séparation de l'Eglise et de l'Etat", la "laÏcité", le "nivellement vers le bas" dans l'enseignement etc. sont des suites de destruction volontaire de la Religion.
Gardons en mémoire ce que Jésus a dit le jour de l'Ascension : "Je serai avec vous jusqu'à la fin des temps". La fin des temps n'est connue de personne, la fin d'Un temps a peut-être commencé par la mort de Louis XVI, en tout cas par le désir volontaire de la destruction de tout ce qui est divin (le "Siècle des Lumières" déjà). La fin d'Un temps est aussi la fin d'

592 - 24/09/2004


593 - 24/09/2004

Its a good and a magnific information about the Romanov family. I cried when i read and see all the information. I like to visit your country to see personally the church in memorial of the Romanov and other historical places.

594 - 25/09/2004

Do you believe that Anastacia Romanov survive or escaped during the time her family was excecuted?

595 - 27/09/2004

Hi- great site!

I'd love to see more regarding the DNA testing- ie. the fact that Gill's tests only show a likelihood of 98.5% when comparing mitochondrial DNA, which is not the most reliable DNA testing (see http://expertpages.com/news/wsj121997.htm ) and that other sources of DNA which may be used to confirm the identity of the bones have been simply ignored or lost.

I'd also love to see more regarding Alexei's "hemophilia" as not being an absolute diagnosis- with thrombocytopenia as a possibility. Also, the possibility of the Empress having lupus (which can present in male children and can produce symptoms similar to Alexei's- see http://www.mountcarmelhealth.com/healthinfo/Adult/arthritis/lupus.shtml for more info regarding lupus symptoms) and a family history of porphyria are also worth noting.


596 - 29/09/2004

Hey, I am a huge researcher on Anastasia and your site told me a lot of stuff that I didn't know.

597 - 02/10/2004


598 - 04/10/2002
Sandra Arnold

This is a wonderful, informative website. I have read a few books on the Romanov family and while the events that took place are tragic and almost unbelievable your website in beautiful and honors the memories of the Romanov family. Thank you.

599 - 05/10/2002
Graciete de Paula Costa

Escreva sua mensagem aqui... nunca me esquecerei da beleza e unidade desta família que me marcou quando vi pela primeira vez aos dez anos de idade na revista manchete eu me apaixonei de cara eu acreditava ter sido a Olga na outra encarnação eu amei todos hoje sou mais apegada a Anastácia instinto protetor maternal o que eles passaram foi um terrível pesadelo grã-duquesas durmam em paz Anastácia nana e alexei lele Deus achara vocês então poderam dormir com a mamãe Alexandra beijinhos amo vocês.

600 - 07/10/2004
bonnie atelek

ijust finished reading james blair lovell's novel anastasia the lost princess.i was moved by the tragedy she had to endure at the hands of her so called family.thank god for people like gleb and tatiana who stood by her and jack and jimmy who helped get her story told. this is a princess i will never forget.





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