Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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 451 - 11/12/2003
anna cameron

all the information on this site was wonderful and the pictures were nice. let all the romanovs rest in peace.

452 - 13/12/2003
An Italian fan

wow,this's the first time I take part in a similar think that is about Anastasia.I'm searchin for her news since 1998.I also think that she escaped from the murderers,I feel it. By Shadow '987

453 - 16/12/2003

Oooh.... this site is really creepy.... I like it!

454 - 16/12/2003

This site is wonderful! What coverage! What a beautiful memorial!

I cannot believe how beautiful those children were. Anastasia looked so similiar to Princess Diana at the age of 15! It's really kind of erie.
But: What a tragedy of history! Words cannot describe my sympathy for the Romonov family. What happend to that family is a terrible event in the history of the world, and should not be forgotten.
Several horrible events happened of the era. Even though the Romonovs enjoyed their personal Imperial Royalties, they were oblivious to the suffering of the peasants and common people of Russia.
However, Nicholas was not brought up to be the Czar. He had no training as a child and young man. That was a tragedy in itself. Due to all of these mishaps, he and the Russian people had no chance of living in harmony.

455 - 17/12/2003
Ramon Muia

Great site! I have been studying the revolution for several years. This site answers many questions.

456 - 18/12/2003

the side is realli veri gd... did not neo till now tat soo many more things hv happened.... realli learn alot from here!!!

457 - 26/12/2003

I am a seventh grader doin a history day project on the Romanovs with two of my friends. This info that i found here is very helpful, whoever made this web site is very smart and resourceful. Good Job. One prob though. Make it more kid accessable, thanx, Merry Christmas!, Kay.

458 - 27/12/2003

Je trouve ce site trés intérésant .il nous nomtre comment les Romanov étaient traité dans la maison Ipatief

459 - 28/12/2003
Theresa Buxton

Hi ! My great-grandmother was (according to my grandmother) 2nd cousin to Alexander, Nicholas's father, and fled Russia in the early 1900's due to the uprisings and conflict. However, I'm having great difficulty verifying this, as she died at an early age and all of her siblings changed their names 2-4 times to "protect themselves" as I have read in letters. My great-grandmother also sang at the metropolitan opera house in the early 1900's after her immigration. Her first name was Marie and she later married a Cosak, John Nevodnechy. Her sisters' names were Olga and Genevieve. Can anyone help me? thanks.

460 - 28/12/2003

This story is touching even to this day. Wht can i say,great destinies and sad endings have their way of fascinating us. It's like i'm waiting for some hidden truth to come out abt the Romanovs. Anyways, the page is great, i will recommand it to all those who will want to read abt the Russian royal family.

461 - 29/12/2003
Cassie Unruh

I just wanted to say that this is one of the best sights that i've found that had to do with the Romanov family. It was very interesting.

462 - 30/12/2003
rosy alex

i have always been interested in history.there are somethings or events or incidents that time should always remeber.the massacare of the romanovs is one of the most tragic incidents.no man,woman,or child should die like that.may those who murdered them rot in hell.whatever the reasons of the massacre i just dont catre,i wholeheartedly wish that those who murdered the royal familly be burnt in hell till the end of the days.

463 - 30/12/2003


464 - 31/12/2003
Carlos Antonio Lopes

O assassinato dos Romanov em Ecaterinburgo é apenas a reação da massa ignorante buscando ardentemente passar para a história.
O resultado está aí:sessenta anos de falso comunismo nas mãos de outros czares mais sangrentos que qualquer outro:Lenin,Trotsky,Stalin,e tantos outros que, numa visão míope da História julgavam que poderiam em alguns anos e com um ou outro ideal substituir a estrutura que existia antes.Tanto sangue derramado somente para se atingir o poder!

465 - 31/12/2003

Today I watched the movie Nicholas and Alexandra and decided to research on internet, since I always found the story of this family so tragic. So sad to believe that they where kill so... I'm speachless! May we learn something with the mistakes of the past!!

466 - 25/01/2004

I think that it is a really interesting story and wish i could know what really happened to the Romanovs. i also think it is very sad and hope that wherever the family are now, that they are resting in peace together.

467 - 26/01/2004

Justice est rendue aux ROMANOV, en les exécutant, leurs tortionnaires, Lénine et Trotsky en tête, nous les ont rendus encore plus humains


468 - 29/01/2004
Ronald L. Redder

What a wonderful site! I have read much on the history of Russia and Czar Nicolas and his family, and their final fate. This simply concludes the story. What a wonderful site!! Thanks!

469 - 30/01/2004
Shannon Hodgdon

I am just a girl who wants to know the truth. wants the whole story. For a good part of my life I have read books watched movies searched websites about the Romanov family and I think it is downright sad how controversial this is. I don't think I'll ever find the truth, but until I know, I'll always be looking

470 - 05/02/2004
Sean O'Flanagan

i am researching the 'KONVOY' regiment, who were the white cossak bodyguard to the romanov's.
A Michael Schaumann - of German origin obviously, in particular.
I have a couple of hazy photo's taken at an anniversary meeting/parade in October, 1916.
Can anyone shed any light please?

471 - 08/02/2004
Susan Leonhardt

I enjoyed your site. However I do beleve that Anna Anderson was of imperial blood and was the daughter of the last czar. I know that they did DNA testing, however who was it done by? Possibly someone who has/had a stake in the imperial loot? The royal family of England would definitely have a stake in it. So to deny her, her identity would help them to keep their part of the collection. She never wanted anything, but her name, and why was she buried on royal grounds in Europe. To keep her dead, was better then trying to take care of the living, and fix the wrongs. Think about it.

472 - 11/02/2004
Dr. Fawzi Al Brian Lovelece

Just because the Romanovs appreciated Russia's rich cultural heritage was no excuse for doing away with them. God forbid the same thing happens to the few remaining Royal familes left to us such as the Windsors!

473 - 11/02/2004

this is a wonderful site and I ahve much enjoyed browsing around it, however there are a few inaccuracies on you information, might want to look around and make a few changes.

474 - 12/02/2004
Samatha Nicole Rodriguez

I'm interested what happemn to her family.

475 - 12/02/2004
anna v/d Lagemaat

It was a interesting story I liked it en it was beautiful

476 - 14/02/2004

siempre he tenido gran curiosidad por saber que sucedio realmente con una de las hijas del zar que sobrevivio,
Fue algo realmente grotesto lo que hicieron los bolcheviques, algo imperdonable.
Ahora descansan en paz los restos de la familia real rusa.

477 - 15/02/2004
Tarlie Burnett

Great site, holly i love ya babe!

478 - 15/02/2004

good day, i/d like to know names of killers Nikolas -2 family. Thank,s a lot. Yelena.

479 - 15/02/2004

It was so terrible what the bolsheviks did to them. Innocent children who didn't deserve to be brutally murdered. God bless you forever dear NAOTMAA.

480 - 17/02/2004
david christopher miedzianik

My grandfather knew Rasputin. I think he worked a guard, at one of the Cazrs Palaces?
I DON'T know, if I'm any relation, to Rasputin or not? As I've often wondered about this?

481 - 17/02/2004
Franz Grf. von Pfundner

Ich Franz Pfundner bin Blut Verwand mit den Tsar Nicolaus II der Romanov Dinasty von meinen Vater aus. Gott schutze Russland.

482 - 19/02/2004
Lynn Martin

I love the story of the Romanovs.

483 - 19/02/2004
Hüttner Eszter

I'm a 17-year-old girl from Hungary. I'm very interested in the story of the Romanov family. So I was really happy when I found this page.
I was watching TV in the morning, and I saw a film on Hallmark Chanel about the tragedy of the Romanov family, the title of the film was
"The riddle of Ana Anderson"
I'm interested in this part of the history very much, I found the events really disatrous because people could murder a family without any doubts.

484 - 24/02/2004
Chelsie Wilking

I find it really sad that they were murdured like that. I feel really sorry for the Romanovs and wish that I could have helped them some how or some way.

485 - 25/02/2004
Carro o Linn

This is a very good site!

486 - 25/02/2004
ana maria amadori

......WHERE'S ANASTASIA. ........que ocurrio realmente con Anastacia........y alecxeiev......

487 - 27/02/2004

Ho trovato molto interessante la ricostruzione degli ambienti e naturalmente le foto originali.

488 - 27/02/2004

It was a tradgic death but we will forever remeber the royal family and their reign

489 - 29/02/2004

when i was 10 (i'm now 13) i started to read about the Romanov family, and i was very surprised by what happened to them.

490 - 01/03/2004

its made many things clear for me and i found out many new things too. i wasnt sure how many bodies were found and where they are now. i read a few books and articles but nothing was the same. they all had different opinions especially about ana anderson so i really dont know what to believ about that. i dont know what exactly i love about the romanovs and russia soooo much but i just cant take my mind off of it. so........long live russia!!

491 - 03/03/2004
anthony white

I will always love you and miss R.I.P

492 - 05/03/2004

We are learning about the Romonov's in my 7th grade class ( I am a student in it), we just watched a movie, it was soo sad!! I can't believe they did that to them, it is disturbing

493 - 13/03/2004

Why don't they try to compare the DNA of the Czar with those of the woman who claimed to be Anastasia in the early 20's.With the modern technology of today, that will finally answer the questions of the mistery over Anastasia.

494 - 15/03/2004
Tyler LaCoste

I am investigating the Romanov tradgety in 1917.

If anybody has any information at all I would be happy to recieve it.

495 - 15/03/2004

the information was interesting, but it would be more useful to genereate much more about the romanovs on this site

496 - 15/03/2004
L.K. Fields

I think that what happened to the Romanov family was terrible. I enoy reading about their lives before this awful tragedy

497 - 23/03/2004
Justin Black

Great website

498 - 23/03/2004

Thats intresting

499 - 27/03/2004

I think everyone will enjy this link. http://members.surfeu.fi/thaapanen/Articles/st12.html it is about alexei and how he survived and where he is buried.

500 - 28/03/2004

I wish they never had gotten murder





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