Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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301 - 01/12/2002
Marco Antonio

This site is very well and This site is a beautifull, I love the history and I will like to know more about Anastasia Life,
If somebody have more information or photos or anything please send to me.
Esto es muy interesante , hojala lo traduscan al español.

302 - 03/12/2002
Linda Smith

While i do feel compassion for the last days of the Romanovs...lest not we forget that while the Royal family was enjoying life to the fullest, i.e. their children having fun, christmas gifts, full bellies and dancing lessons etc, the great majority of the russian people were starving and trying to eek out a living in the very harshest conditions...of course if do not believe that any royal family rules thru divine right but rather thru family connections… Your site however is a monument to Imperial Russia…

303 - 04/12/2002

Very nice site! I'm impressed.. seems to be overall the most accurate site I've seen. Nice work! ;

304 - 05/12/2002

I am absolutely addicted to the lives of the Romanov's. I have read nearly every book about them, including diaries, letters etc. The one thing that I find most truly amazing is how much of the information from all these books, letters etc is the same. This to me says that there must be a complete record somewhere of what really happened. Unfortunately, it also makes me think that researchers are only allowed certain pieces of information, other researchers may be allowed other different pieces of information, dependant upon their beliefs. On the whole, I believe the truth is in every well-researched and documented publication. Ultimately the truth is whatever you want it to be. I personally would like to believe that Anastasia survived, - don't we all want a happy ending? Even if it was so tragic!

305 - 06/12/2002

hey this a cool site but put some photos of dead bodies on it un less there already are

306 - 10/12/2002

This site reminded me when our prince Aleksandar was killed by his soldiers in 1903 in Yugoslavia !

Great site :)

307 - 14/12/2002

This is one of the best sites I've seen on the
Romanov Family. Very inspiring to find out what happened to the last two bodies.

308 - 15/12/2002
Sir Tobias


309 - 17/12/2002
Samantha Ross

just wanted to say hi to everyone that is as into Anastasia as i am ~Samantha Ross

310 - 18/12/2002
samantha stitt

long live the romanovs, for they were truly the greatest alive and will always watch over his great contry...Russia!!!!!

311 - 22/12/2002
Marcel Mathey

Dieu bénisse le Tsar et sa famille.
Que cette bénédiction soit aussi sur la tête du Prince Georges Marianovitch et que son destin s'acomplisse.

312 - 23/12/2002
avia kiedrowski

hi im 13 from naples florida and i watched the nicholas and alexandar movie and i loved it i cried alot during it and laughed alot it was a great movie well got to go bye

313 - 26/12/2002
Erica Scheurer

Hi im really interested in finding out as much as i can on Anastasia Romonov and also Anna Anderson.( the mystrey between the two, as well) If anyone can help me with that, by emailing me some information on both of them that would be wonderful! thank you so much.....
please email me as much as you need to.- erica scheurer
oh yeah, this is such a great website. i feel so bad for the romonov family... but this is a great site to bring it all back!!!

314 - 02/01/2003
Thomas Crider

Very interesting account of the last days of

315 - 03/01/2003
maria isabel fernandez

siento mucho la muerte de esta familia inocente.to the beloved family Romanov

316 - 03/01/2003

Just wanted to give a quick thanks for the information,.. I have a huge report on whether Anna Anderson was or was not Anastasia, and this gave me some major props in convincing reality from fraud.

317 - 04/01/2003
Joshua Riches

This is a very interesdting site with many facts and photographs that I found very interesting. The Romanovs are a great interest of mine, along with the French Royal family the Bourbons in the French Revolution. I thought it was a bit unfair when the government pushed Nicholas Ipatiev out of his house and then destroy it. By the looks of your diagrams the house looked very beautiful when it was lived in. I would imagine the Romanovs would of been very scared in a house barricaded into the center of a city. When I was younger I always thought they were murdered in The Winter Palace. I love Grand Duchess Princess Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov she was very beatiful and very interesting. I think Anna Anderson was Anastasia because she had a deformed foot like the real Princess. I just compared your picture of Anna Anderson and Anastasia and their eyes and mouth look nearly identical! I want to ask whoever reads this, is Catherine the Greats Palace bigger than the Palace of Versailles? and

318 - 06/01/2003
Nailya Muganlinskaya

Wonderful site! Related Links are very impressive too! I came to USA from Russia 10 years ago, I am an american now but this site has made me crying... Ipatiev House... tzar Nicolas II.... it is a history of my country.
I would like to thank the creators of this site for grate work they have performed. Here in USA I am reading and learning about my country, I am reading and learning things, which were hiden from russian people by bolshevik party. I see old russian pictures, houses, and it brakes my heart.

319 - 06/01/2003
Nailya Muganlinskaya

Oh, in addition, one question only: I thought the Ipatiev House was taken down in Boris Yeltzin period, which happened after 1977, in fact it was sometime right after he became a president of Russia, in 1990-est. I remember him giving a speech later about how he was ashamed by his decision ( he gave an order to take the House down). Am I mistaken?

320 - 07/01/2003
Marianito Jose Luspo

Kudos for such an informative,well-balanced and level-headed presentation about the tragedy of the Romanov family. By this laudable effort, alone, you have done justice to the memory of perhaps one of the most maligned and talked about families of this century.

321 - 09/01/2003
David J. Kaiser

Really interesting! I am very interesting in the Romanov family and their demise. Quite a sad story.

322 - 09/01/2003

thanx i got an a+ on my russian revolution assianment because of this really helpful site my teacher was inpressed by the extra info .

323 - 09/01/2003

ce site est très bien fait.bravo.il est vrai que j'ai eu un peu de mal à tout lire en anglais mais comme ce sujet m'interresse beaucoup j'ai fait un effort!C'est très bien que l'on puisse se représenter les lieux grâce aux photos et plans.
Il me semble à ce propos qu'il y a une erreur(si je puis me permettre)dans les noms des grandes duchesses sur la photos de famille.Il semble que l'ordre soit plutôt:Maria, Tatiana, Olga et Anastasia.Mais sinon c'est un très bon site,très clair.Merci, cela m'a beaucoup servi.

324 - 09/01/2003
Linda Falgoust of Luling LA

i would like to think you for such a informative web site. i am fasinated by the Imperial Family and have been since i was a child. what really gets me is I know it was a war but how could these soldiers just kill these innocent children while they were standing there crying and begging for mercy. I hope that these men got their just rewards in the end.

325 - 15/01/2003

I found your site interresting.Although more research could have answered some questions.The "sign in the cellar room" is really the name of a small town near Perm,Lysva.This can be seen if held to a mirror.

326 - 16/01/2003

Very interesting site.However,please dig deeper.The truth has yet to be found.

327 - 21/01/2003
Megan Bohannan

hello, I guess I could start by appoligizing for not asking you politely. Well,would you please consider sending me some information on Anastasia,that is if you aren't to busy. THANKS, Megan

328 - 22/01/2003
Bertha Marie Willis

I have always been interested in the family and am glad to find information about them on the web. I know I will enjoy seeing all of the program. Thank you for having all this..

329 - 28/01/2003
Ashley Burke (Romanov)

this is a relative of anstatia romanov adn im glad this is not a hoax movie character site!

330 - 29/01/2003

When i first saw the animated movie Anastasia i became very intrested in the Romanov's. I have to do a gradation project for school and the execuation of the last Russian Royal family is what i wanted to do it on. I am very facinated with the whole subject and one day i plan to visti russia and visit all the sites that have to do with Czar Nicholas the 2. I personaly think that you should ellabrate a little bit more about what exactually happend during the time of the execuations and who was killed with what. Just things like that. I think it would give the reader more insite on how a person can be so crule to a little 14 year old boy for instance who was beat so bad that the whole part of his skull was damagded so badley that it didnt look like a human skull. Those are some things that make the readers have more insite to what actually happend.
again thankyou for the great information that will help me out greately.
Jenna Ward

331 - 29/01/2003
francoise gautier

It is one of the most mysterious story i have ever read about. i love your site which gives losts of details and photos of what happened.
It is also the saddest story.
thank you to share it with us.

332 - 02/02/2003
Lianne Massie-Blomfield

Thank you for a wonderful and most interesting website.
I hope now the Tsar and his family rest in peace and that God will bless the Russian people
for dealing with this sad business.

333 - 03/02/2003

is true that michael gray is the son of tsaravich alexis and that anastasia had a son of one of the tschaikovski brothers?

334 - 03/02/2003

What ever happened to Nicholas II mother? They say his entire family was murdered, but she was not among those in the room during the execution. What became of her?

335 - 06/02/2003

I really believe that Anastasia got away and it is a tragic event that all the Romanovs died b/c of a foolish money. Why would you kill someone or in this case 5 people just for money and pride? Its wrong. I don't know what happened to Anastasia but deep in my heart i think she live on.....

336 - 13/02/2003

I had seeked many days information of these events from net, because at next monday I'm travelling to Ekaterinburg! At last found more than expected. I have reed much about Romanovs, but these pages are still the best I have seen. Thanks!

337 - 13/02/2003
regina aparicio

Thank you very much.
I am peruvian, and I am very interested in finding the true history of the Romanov family. I liked the film and the pictures and perhaps I will use it in a furture monography in my university. I searched in many web pages and this is the best. I only ask you can you get other photos or portraits of romanov family before the tragedy? Thank you

338 - 14/02/2003
Carol-Faye Petricko

My father-in-law, now deceased, spoke to me several times about the Russian Imperial Family. For some reason, although born in Canada, I feel a kinship with this family and understand intuitively that their fall presaged the fall of Russian dance and lit

339 - 14/02/2003

purtroppo non capisco l'inglese ma essendo un'appassionata della tragica storia dei Romanov ho trovato comunque interessante il sito! Ho letto molto su questo vergognoso episodio della storia e ogni volta che mi ritrovo a pensare o a guardare i volti di q

340 - 20/02/2003

This is serious bros, stop browsing.

341 - 20/02/2003

this is a very good and serouis site. its a sad story wat happened to the family!! my only question is :why did the merders kill them? if you know the answear PLEASE e-mail me!! I'm not one of the persons that are bad, (SEARIOUS) I JUST WANNA KNOW THE ANS

342 - 25/02/2003

hi. i would like to say thankyou to you. I have spent the best part of 3weeks trying to find out a slight image of the romanovs being killed because i am basing my final art exam of high school on the romanov masacre. I needed an image really badly, wheth

343 - 27/02/2003

You guys aren't the only one to go through famine, hunger, civil war, droughts, bullets, you know. Everybody has, so don't go on about how it is a HUGE part of world history, blah blah blah. History repeats itself, or haven't you figures that out yet? You

344 - 01/03/2003
Cristalynn Paswaters

This site was excellently done and well put together. Very helpfull for my extra credit project. The mysteriousness in the Romanovs' deaths intrigued me very much. Until now, I did not have a clue about the truth. Just think about how many people still d

345 - 01/03/2003

very interesting, but very sad

346 - 02/03/2003

I found a few *mistakes* in the site. But it's great that whoever made this site went and did all this reasearch to make this site. I got a few good facts from this site. That adds to my reasearch!

347 - 02/03/2003

I stumbled upon this site after doing a lot of research for a project on the assassination of the Romanov family. I found your website extremely helpful. Thank you very much for maintaining such a wonderful site.

348 - 07/03/2002
Jo Ellen Weston

Thank you for such an excellent site! I am a history major and have always been interested in the story of the Romanov's and their tragic deaths. Your site gave me such a complete and intimate look at not only their murder, but of the location and events

349 - 13/03/2003

Thank you for this wonderful site. Every detail is handled with care and tact. This truely is a memorial to the innocent Romanov family. Thank you.

350 - 13/03/2003

Wow. I didn't know so many people liked the Romanovs! Once I thought I was alone...Ah, well. This site is pretty cool, but it amuses me that some people say they're related to the family! *laughs* Like one entry, by...well, someone-they said: 'my family c 





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