Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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1 251 - 30/05/09

A great website, very helpful in my history coursework. It makes you think doesn't it; the bolsheviks who killed the Romanovs truly believed they were doing the right thing by liberating the country to become communist. but then you have the idea that 7 people and their servants were brutally murdered. Which is the right side to take ?

1 252 - 18/06/09

I am a Russian cultural studies major from Colorado and am fascinated by Russian Empire, and in particular the Royalty from Peter the Great through Nicholas II and the rise of the USSR. Since this page (unlike some others) has a guest book, I figure I should sign it as a tribute to the Royal Martyrs. Keep up the good work guys! ;)

1 253 - 07/07/09

very interesting site

1 254 - 14/07/09
Peter Victor Skobin

Its been a few years since I signed this book. My Father went to his grave trying to prove he was the son of Maria and It was one of the guards who attended the royal family who was his father. I am his oldest child now 57 years old a canadian living in the Bahamas,I spent a lot of time with my dad and believe he really could be the son of Maria.I would gladly help if anyone would like to reserch.

1 255 - 16/07/09

How complete! I've learnt a lot about the topic. Great

1 256 - 29/07/09

thruth has no tongue, but it will speak once.. and it has

1 257 - 05/08/09
Stephen Lim Kok Hwa

After watched the history channel and reading the website of the Romanov Royal Family, I feel very soory and upset for all the members of the Romanov family been killed by the cruel Bosheviks, who have no considerate of the innocents people. May the God bless the Romanov family Rest in peace and also thanks to the person who create this website.

1 258 - 31/08/09
Fr. James E. O'Neal

have had a life long interest in the Last of the Romanovs and the circumstances of their deaths. I am grateful to many people and to modern medical technology for finally being able to discover and to identify all of the skeletal remains of this family. I sincerely hope that at some time in the future they will all rest together!

1 259 - 21/09/09

Nicholas II was not a person who deserved to die, and nor did his family, because at the end of the day they may have been royalty but they were also humans. That is why I feel great sympathy for the Romanovs, and I hope that they are never forgotten nor treated as fools.

1 260 - 27/09/09
Robyn Brydon

A great site, I hope to live long enough for the truth of the execution of the Romanovs to be known to all. Anna Anderson could well have been the Grand Duchess, why not? Too much intrique and manipulating of the facts by too many people for too many years

1 261 - 05/10/09

To all those still pondering the mystery of how Princess Anastasia survied, it is confirmed that a secret British M15 operation code named Elope, headed by a South African officer seconded to MI5, Lt Col W.J.Clarke, managed to secure her release and arrange transport to the west and freedom on a British battleship in Decmber 1918.

1 262 - 16/10/09

this site is great

1 263 - 17/10/09

un tres joli site, avec pleins d'infos... une histoire qui me passionne totalement depuis mon plus jeune age. Merci

1 264 - 19/10/09
florence lumines

The story of the Romanovs have always fascinated me since I learned about them as a young student, but their tragic fate left a deep sense of loss and sorrow in my heart. Indeed communism is evil and has victimized millions all over the world including the Tsar and his family. If only they lived perhaps things would have turned out better for Russia. Nobody could bring the Romanovs back to life and giving them a decent Christian burial is indeed an act of penance for Russia as Ryabov mentioned in Reader's Digest. May the souls of the good Tsar and his family rest in peace.

1 265 - 24/11/09

As a student of Russian history I think this site is excellent. It was very sad that the ex-czar and his family died so horribly. May they rest in peace-amen. May their souls and all the souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of GOD rest in peace-amen+++

1 266 - 24/11/09

This is such a fantastic site! When i saw the virtual tour of the cellar, it scared the crap out of me. It was almost like I was right there when it happedened. Anyway, God Bless the Romanovs!

1 267 - 30/11/09

Fantastic information, I have to visit, Michael - Australia

1 268 - 07/12/09
Andre Konieczna Nascimento

Em tomar ciencia deste crime barbaro,contra os Romanov,seuma um sentimento me toma: Vegonha,pois nada justifica tanta crueldade contra a familia real

1 269 - 05/01/10

hoi waarom is de hele familie in die put gegooid en waarom zijn ze vermoord http://translate.google.com/?hl=nl# en waarom sneden ze gewoon de hoofden er niet af?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1 270 - 21/01/10

Alot of unaswered question, why did they have to die?, why did the English king refuse them entry.maybe it was there fate. congrats on a informative site, i have always being intrigued by the Russian Royal Family since school, thank god got the internet, i don''t feel like a pycho looking for any information i can get, just to get and understanding of them, and i hope they did not know death was coming.

1 271 - 31/01/10

want to thank you. I have read so much on the Romanov family, so tragic. Your site provides an enormous amount of information.

1 272 - 31/01/10
Bernadette Marie

A very interesting & well thought out site. I have several books that show the actual wall of the murder prior to the judge's "investigation" & the sight of the torment that family went through makes one stop & think of the validity of a government that would stoop to such measures. Evidently though, they stooped low enough to continue killing up to 38 million during Stalin's reign. I'm glad the Russians remember their true heritage.

1 273 - 06/02/10

A very haunting and sad story. How curious we are as

1 274 - 08/02/10

it was such a truely terrible thing that happened to the romanovs that anybody could do that to an innocent child suffering from hamephilia is just so sad rest in peace romanovs you will never be forgotten

1 275 - 16/03/10
felicia jablonka

Prachtige site! De mooiste die ik hierover gezien heb. Chapeau !!!

1 276 - 02/04/10
Jim Moore

Excellent site! i was so moved by the story about the cross. It is my hope and prayer they are at peace.

1 277 - 05/04/10
felicia jablonka

Prachtige ,informative site.

1 278 - 03/05/10

Poor Nicky and Alix

1 279 - 11/05/10
Mark A. McIntosh

Very interesting and helpful to the understanding of the horrific tragedy of the last Czar and his beautiful family. Thanks for creating this website!

1 280 - 12/05/10
Husain Abivoski

God Bless the Tsar and His family!

1 281 - 20/05/10

Thank you for this interesting site, for talking about everything in a correct and realistic way and for showing so many pictures Thank you so much

1 282 - 21/05/10

Thank you for all the information on this site. I have learned so much about the last Romanovs.

1 283 - 29/05/10

I found this great site by chance. God bless Romanov family.

1 284 - 31/05/10

somehow I always admired the Romanovs. From what I read, they were a loving and caring family. Thank you for the website, it help me understand even more about the incidents. God bless the Romanovs

1 285 - 27/06/10

olga (or sameone in her famyl) has got a noble girl baby.she sent her rasputins relatives in the wine basket (under the botles) They were take her bulgaria and they were give her a turkish family(bektashi religions((she did not make,join rutiels all her lifelong).the turkish family grove her.one day she maried and her husband and their 6 sun,2 douther migration turkey and she died in turkey. she reaplayed again and again "I am gallers princess"all her lifelong I bless you

1 286 - 06/07/10

this site helped close the possiblity and hope that anastasia was alive and closed a chapter of my life and heart that still held hope. i thank this site for giving me closure.

1 287 -
Nuno Filipe

I love the history of RomanovĀ“s and after visiting this site I learned a few more details about his shameful and cowardly murder by the poverty of sowers of Bolsheviks. May God protect the Romanov family

1 288 - 29/07/10
Igor Przyboro

This site is simply excellent and very moving. Members of my Family were in Russian Imperial Army and in Russian Czars service for over 150 years with traceable record, and both Russia and Romanov's History are very dear to me. Thank you again, Igor -Palm Harbor,FL-USA

1 289 - 26/08/10
Skott Williams

This is a very good site concerning His Majesty Nikolai II and the Imperial Family. I especially enjoyed reading about the clearing of the sky over the cross at Yekaterinburg. I believe it was from God that the Russian people are forgiven concerning the events of July, 1918. I can almost see Tsar Nikolai and his children smiling down through the gap in the sky. Bozhe Tsarya Khrani! Slava Tsaryuu!

1 290 - 29/08/10
maurizio palucci


1 291 - 06/09/10

I have always had an interest in the Romanov family. It is another sad chapter in our human history. To think that the murdering of a whole family especially innocent children is acceptable because of a political view is just heart breaking. I hope they are at rest.

1 292 - 10/09/10

I think this site is very informative. Thank you for all your hard work in putting it together

1 293 - 10/09/10

This is an excellent site! I recently visited Russia, and while in St. Petersburg we had an English speaking guide who took us through the city. We were lucky to receive very in depth tours, including stories about the last Czar. However, much of this information here was left out of our guides stories. Whether that was because of lack of time, lack of knowledge, or lack of belief, this really helped pull the pieces together!

1 294 - 02/11/10
Frances Annette Hixenbaugh

Thank you so much for this site. However it is impossible to keep a dry eye when viewing it.

1 295 - 03/11/10
Felicia Jablonka

Zeer mooie en boeiende site. Een misdaad van Jeltsin,dat hij deze historische plaats liet vernietigen. De kathedraal kan dit eigenlijk niet goed maken.

1 296 - 04/11/10

Wonderful and enlightening site. A good reminder, but more importantly a moving tribute to the Tsar and his family. I do not understand the Church not acknowledging DNA and giving these souls rest.

1 297 - 02/12/10
Lisa Ward

I found the story of the execution of the innocent Romanov family saddening and harrowing! They were victims of political circumstances. They should never be forgotten! RIP

1 298 - 03/12/10

This is a very good site.Thanks for this.

1 299 - 03/12/10

I've been fascinated with the Romanovs and their horrible deaths since I was a child. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this incredible website. I never thought I'd see what the room really looked like. It's spooky, but I'm very glad I found your site.

1 300 - 04/12/10

Thanks so much for all these informations ! Fascinating story. I had heard about this piece of poetry written on the wall and i believed it was made by a soldier of the red army or on of these criminals. Owing to you, i know now that it was written during the occupation of the white army. It fits much better with the whole picture. Merci encore !




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