Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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 501 - 29/03/2004

I'm albanian.My granfather finish his school in Russia.My father told me everything hi knowes about Russia so i love Russia & all about it.This site is very interesting & painfull.

502 - 29/03/2004
Juan Camilo Villa Restrepo

I Think that Romanov's history was a real tragedy, becouse they wasn't bad people and I would like very much, that people understands it./

503 - 02/04/2004
Timothy M. Bryant

Your site is very informative easy to read and digest and an excellent historical site. it was very helpful in assisting my sister in her history report on the Romanov Family. Thank you Sincerly Timbvampire

504 - 02/04/2004


505 - 02/04/2004
Jessica White

Hey whats up? i think the real Anastasia Romanov is possing me or something cuz whenever we learn about the Russian Revolution i get all upset when we talk about The Romanovs. i know its her cuz i look alot like her.

506 - 04/04/2004

Super site!!! Je vais faire un projet sur cette tragis que histoire en art plastique j'avais besoin d'information jusqu'a tombé sur ce site tout y ai c'est parfait avec de superbes photos bravo!!!

507 - 07/04/2004

I;m such a big fan of this tragic history... You have avery interesting collection of data and links. Thank you for sharing and compiling your researches..

508 - 07/04/2004
Claude Darchen

Learnabout a great contry and his people who endure so much during the revolution and the wars.

509 - 10/04/2004
Igor I.G.J.P. van Besauw (the Netherlands)

The Romanovs will always live, in that case, Raspoutin whas very wrong, everyone knows about them, learns about them, and I personally hope it will keep on going forever,

I as an 18 years young boy, am really fascinated by this, and do my compliments to the constructers and evolved people of this website,

It did do me think very badly about the 'Bolsjewicks'...

Igor I.G.J.P. van Besauw
the Netherlands, Amsterdam 10/04/2004

510 - 12/04/2004

Nice Site

511 - 14/04/2004

'til now,m stil bothered on wats d real story behind the life of anastasia romanov!!

512 - 16/04/2004
Nina Hasenour

I am, at the least, very impressed with the knowledge included in this site...I am very interested in the Romanov history...If anyone out there has any other information, pictures, or stories, please contact me at nineere@msn.com
Thank you for a great site!

513 - 19/04/2004


514 - 20/04/2004

A nice, well-contructed site - but how in the world do you arrive at the outrageous conclusion that "almost all those who killed the tsar were Jews"? Are you a neo-Nazi, and is this site supposed to be yet another revisionist website intended to implicate Jews in some ridiculous "plot"? You have enough facts to inform you of the truth of what happened to the Romanovs, without adding specious, totally unsubstantiated, half-baked bullshit to it.

515 - 22/04/2004

This is a lovely site.
I was Tatiana in my past life and know this with all my heart. I can remember everything in my memory that happened and this bought everyhing back to me which was quite upsetting but i knew that i would have to face up to this one day and the pictures of the cellar were frightening.
There are not words to describe what we went through on that early morning of 17th July 1918.
love always

516 - 22/04/2004
Dan Cuffe, UK

this is the best website concerning the fate of the last romanovs I have ever come across. it really is a tremendous credits to it's makers

517 - 23/04/2004
Gwen Podbrey

An excellent, well-constructed and very moving website, which gives the visitor a most poignant experience of the Romanovs' tragedy and illuminates the events of July 16, 1918.
It is also a balanced, fair and very believable reconstruction of what took place in the Ipatiev house that night and should definitely be visited by anyone who is interested in that period of history.
Congratulations to the webmaster for a dynamic, informative and most captivating experience!

518 - 24/04/2004

like 2 know how much support there is in russia for the tsar and the royal family.also why did the british royal family cancel thier invitaition to flea russia and take refuge i n england

519 - 02/05/2004

Oh, thanks so much for this! I find it really interesting and helpful to get a better understanding of their capture and imprisonment, and it had a lot of detail!

520 - 05/05/2004

i was wondering if anyone could tell me if Anastasia or tatiana smoked because i have read letters from them and they write about smoking and tell people that they are smoking.

521 - 07/05/2004
ana maria

I love romanov family story

522 - 10/05/2004
Mirjana Miloševiæ

I am so sorry about what happened to that family.The story about them beeing captured and murdered like that,is so frightening and terrible.May they rest in peace.

523 - 13/05/2004

anyone who would like to discuss the romanovs with me please email. i love to chat to romanov fans, because i am a romanov fan. i love the romanov story and i find it facinating. all replys would be appreciated as i can use them in my indepth studies of the romanovs. good day.

524 - 16/05/2004
Chelsea marks

Anastasia was a remarkable young woman.

Chelsea Marks

525 - 16/05/2004

I think this is an excellent site and I am facinated by the Romanov family. I hope that Anastacia and Alexia did escape because they did not deserve what happened to the rest of the family. None of them did. Long live the Romanovs!

526 - 19/05/2004
DeAndra Redmond

may god forgive the people who took part in murdering this wonderful family and what kind of monsters could murder children.

527 - 20/05/2004


528 - 20/05/2004
M. Rietdijk

It is in my opinion a very good site. I'm impressed!

529 - 22/05/2004
Megan Brown

Hey, I was just watching the movie Anastasia and decided to look more into her life and her family's history. I just happened to come across this site after reading about how they died. So far everything is really interesting and I can't wait to learn more.

530 - 22/05/2004
Carol Tarlen

The Romanovs were murderers themselves, and had to pay with their own blood for generations of criminality. Rather than a firing squad, they should have been handed over to the mob.

531 - 22/05/2004
BillieLynn Hoadwonic

I am fascinated by the story of the Romanov's! It is so interesting. Your site definitely puts out the information well!
P.S. Linda Smith makes a good point... : )

532 - 23/05/2004
De Maeseneer Jean-Marie

Biggest drama that turned Russia in a 70 year long dictatorship.
It's good that russians again treasure their last Tsar family.
Thanks to Jeltsin.
Why cannot the next generation of Romanov survivors not suceed to the throne ?

533 - 28/05/2004
Natalie Wilson

just stopping by wondering where you are. What happened and are you okay now

534 - 03/06/2004
Alison Wiseman

Great sight!

535 - 08/06/2004

No veo razon alguna al por que del asesinato de los Romanov.
Si tanto habían castigado al pueblo ruso, deberían haberlos dejado vivos en vez de matarlos.
Nadie tiene derecho a decidir sobre la vida de otro.
A pesar de todo lo malo que alla hecho.
Hay rumores que dicen que el zarvenchi sobrevivió.¡ NO ESTOY muy segura de esos rumores!

536 - 08/06/2004

Thanks for the useful site. Keep up the good work. God bless you and keep you.

537 - 10/06/2004

happy birthday tatiana.

538 - 11/06/2004

This website is ver helpfull and full of hisory

Long live the Romanovs!

539 - 11/06/2004
Tanya Torres

Hy everbody! I'm a big fan to Romanoff's family. Coud you tellmy more about them?
Kiss you, by-by!

540 - 16/06/2004

An incredible place!
I had always believed it was Marie who had survived for some reason & the Anna anderson story was made up by the KGB to bring Marie into the open.

Funny that 2 bodies are missing still and there's still a question of what happened to one of the girls. But which one- Marie or Anastasia?


541 - 17/06/2004

An excellent site

542 - 18/06/2004
George Nocolas Slujalkovsky

Tengo informes secretos del paradero de Alexis Nicolas Romanov, El hermano de Anastacia que sobrevivio, y se separo de ella una noche en Alemania. Murio en Brasil en el 1975 ,

543 - 20/06/2004

hi my name is barbara and i'm from rio de janeiro, brazil
I reaaly liked to read about the hidtory of the romanov's, a would appreciate if someone could send me more stuff about it

544 - 20/06/2004

reading some of these past guestbook entries a lot of you are fucking crazy. who in their right mind would believe that they are Tatania or that Anastasia is possessing them? that's just insulting to the Romanov family and it's sad to see people remembering them that way. i hope some people get a life and stop being so inconsiderate to the deceased.

545 - 24/06/2004
Graciete Costa

Escreva sua mensagem aqui...quero ver as fotos da família romonov aquelas que estavam na ex-revista manchete

546 - 29/06/2004
Carlos Bedoya

Ninguna atrocidad por grande que sea puede acallar a las grandes almas

547 - 29/06/2004
jessica H

i really loved aaliyah she was truly an angel on earth and i continued to keep her family in pray and i still do every night cause i know how hard it is to lose a real close family member and a friend my frien drowned at carr lake not to long ago so i know it feel. i never got the chance to meet her but i was looking foward to but when i go to heaven i will be sure to meet her there much love and prays

548 - 02/07/2004
Marsha Stamm

The site is fascinating with facts I wasn't aware of. Hats off to the person behind this site and all their help.

549 - 03/07/2004
Daniel Ortiz Jimenez

desde que conoci la vida del tsar
me apasiono su historia y soy fan de Mary

550 - 03/07/2004
Iranian Royalist

I have always been very fascinated by the tragic story of the Romanov Imperial Household. One can only try to imagine the horror, pain, and sorrows they experienced at the hands of the animal bolsheviks who ultimately robbed them of their lives. I'm always grateful to God that the Imperial family of Iran, the Pahlavis, did not meet the same cruel fate in the end. Although undoubtedly they too had to experience the painful traumas of living through the hell which the bloody Iranian revolution put them through - the Shah, very ill in cancer, having to move from one country to another, hunted down by ill-spirited people who wanted to lay their hands on their fortune, and to finally die in Cairo the way he did. God bless all their souls.





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