Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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1 300 - 04/12/10

Thanks so much for all these informations ! Fascinating story. I had heard about this piece of poetry written on the wall and i believed it was made by a soldier of the red army or on of these criminals. Owing to you, i know now that it was written during the occupation of the white army. It fits much better with the whole picture. Merci encore !

1 301 - 05/12/10

This site was excellent in my completion of my biography on the Romanov's for a school assignment! The information was very straight to the point and easy to follow- it was great! It gives me a better understanding of the topic!

1 302 - 29/12/10

Great website. I have no words for it.

1 303 - 02/11/10
Kirill Romanov

Hi my name is HIH Prince Kirill Romanov and it is very interesting that people all over the world are still very interested in my family. My grandparents were Grand Duke Kirill Romanov and Princess Maria of Greece and we were not living in Russia when the the Tsar died or the rest of the family died. My email address is a friend of mine in New Zealand.My family thank you for the interest in the truth of the Romanovs. Thank you again His Imperial Highness, Prince Kirill Alexandrovich Dimitri Romanov of Russia and Greece

1 304 - 04/01/11
Neil McCann

I'm a resident of Chicago, USA. One of my best friends @ work is Russian. I've always believed that our two countries were similar in their striveing for excellence, hard work, ethics, and growth of or two great nations. Our early country crossed that Appalacian Mtn range and swept westward toward the Pacific ean; Yours crossed the Urals and moved eastward in conquest! My prayer is that our two countries can be true partners in solving the worlds problems, and stopping radical factions that hate us.

1 305 - 22/01/11

Hi I love the story even though it is very sad that such a graceful and beautiful family got brutally murdered. I was really interested in the fact that the ther two children was found and that put a stop to the imposters. Thanks again for providing this information. It isn't only important for Russia but for peoples all over the world to hear this story.

1 306 - 01/02/11

Um this very helpful for sure i really love dis page

1 307 - 02/02/11
BK Young

I thoroughly enjoyed the information on your great web

1 308 - 25/02/11

I thought the information was very interesting, there were things I had not known about their deaths.

1 309 - 12/04/11

I recently did a book review of Robert Alexander's The Kitchen Boy and used your site as a resource for facts related to the death of the Romanov family and the Ipatieve House. Many thanks for providing such good information. I love reading about Russian history and the Romanovs in particular.

1 310 - 05/05/11
Michael Reed

The Church on the Blood is definately a place of Romanov folklore and pilgrimage. It's a good website and you can't stop learning about the Romanovs; it's very interesting and inspiring. Could Ipatiev even be 'Russia's Memphis'? Hence, a refusal to accept that the Romanovs are deceased, just like the fans of Elvis Presley refuse to accept the death of the 'King of Rock'n'Roll' of 59 years later. Mike of Blackpool, Eng.

1 311 - 12/05/11
Realda Jackson

Thank you for an incredible look at their life. It's so sad but should never be forgotten. It should also never happen to anyone again.

1 312 - 03/06/11

Wonderful site to go to for the tragic end to the history of the Romanovs. Thanks for gathering all the pictures of the Ipatiev house as well as the computer drawings. Thanks again!

1 313 - 03/07/11
gudrun clark

sleep in peace,romanov familie. your life wa exiteing and soo sad in the end. you never will be forgotton, history is importend for the future,to remeber and look back, mabe trying to change thinks for the better. you tried it was to late and the odds where agains you.

1 314 - 14/07/11
Johnny Booker

Thank you for a very well designed, informative document.

1 315 - 15/07/11

Remembering what happened to this tragic family, so, so sad. as the anniversary of the night on which they were awakened to "be moved again" happened.

1 316 - 17/07/11

Excellent site I discovered several yars ago, coming back from Ekaterinburg!Noteworthy reconstruction of the Ipatiev house (photos and 3D). In loving memory of the Romanov Family, parents and children, their friends and servants in this day, July 17th. Luc Gosselin

1 317 - 22/09/11
Karen Thompson

Thank you for this i was reading a book about Nicholes life and death and this let me really know what happended at the end

1 318 - 29/09/11
Irene Koi Gandrud

I think two of the children survived! Regards from Norway!

1 319 - 14/10/11
Henry Wayne Grocock

A very tragic episode in russian and world history. May the good Lord grant them eternal rest, Amen

1 320 - 09/10/11
Miguel Eduardo

God bless zar Nicholas II and his forever remembered

1 321 - 01/12/11

After watching the 'Anastasia' film as a child, it was really important for me to learn what really happened. Thank you so much for making this virtual museum!

1 322 - 10/11/11

La famille du Tsar n'a jamais été brulée...on les a tous enterrés ensemble, d'une façon telle que le jour où on les retrouvera, personne ne pourra douter que c'est eux. Et Anastasia est enterrée avec ses parents"...quant aux corps retrouvés : "ce sont des corps récupérés dans les environs...Ã cette époque là , des morts il y en avait plein les rues..". sic une fille de Boyard qui se rappelle les confidences de son repère

1 323 - 19/02/12
Evelyn Solis

Congratulations!!! Excellent work...Wow!!! the tours are amazing...i cannot find the right words...I cried a lot...what a mistake they made killing a such nice people...and years after another mistake putting down the Ipatiev house...a big mistake in history....I LOVE NICHOLAS II IN HIS FAMILY....

1 324 - 16/03/12
A Person in U.S

Great site. Rest In Peace, Romanov Family!

1 325 - 28/03/12
Deborah L Blake

this is a very moving site, thank you

1 326 - 03/05/12
Tito Franco

Very nice site, very educational and detailed of the house were the Tsar and his family were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks. How pitiful that a politician decided to have the house bulldozed to the ground. Thanks Tito Cali, Colombia, South America

1 327 - 29/05/12

The Ipatiev House must rise again.

1 328 - 30/05/12

A very interesting site! You've put a lot of work into it. Fascinating!!!

1 329 - 04/07/12
Kenneth Ilya Hodges

God Bless Rest and Keep the entire martyred family for all eternity

1 330 - 19/08/12
Marina Czerwenka

-for death cannot kill what never dies

1 331 - 07/09/12

I really like your site! Thank you for creating it.

1 332 - 06/01/13
Claude Lacroix

Tres impressionnant et veridique selon les informations recues a ce jour. Il etait temps que le gouvernement Russe prenne ses responsabilitees et reconnaisse la culpabilite des bolcheviques

1 333 - 23/01/13

I am Jewish, of Russian ancestry, this story has always haunted and plagued me, because of how many Jews in Russia supported the Bolsheviks who murdered the Tsar. As atonement I named my last aughter Anastasia, may God bless the Tsar and his family. I know they are saints.

1 334 - 04/02/13
Robert G Smith - 04/02/13

I am a student of Russian history and have long been fascinated with the last Czar

1 335
Osgaldor Jason Storm - 19/04/13

I pray for the souls of the Romanovs. I found this site very interesting and informative.

1 336
Mark - 10/06/13

Great website with a tremendous amount of information about Russia's last Imperial Family. I will soon be traveling to Russia, to continue my research, and will visit the grave site of the last Imperial Family located at St. Paul & Peter Cathedral Fortres

1 337
Terry J Rogers - 22/06/13

Even as a child I was so saddened by the murder of this beautiful innocent family. I read all I could about the Romanov's. I have the movie Nicholas and Alexandra, about their lives, and eventful murder. I've watched this movie over and over. I know they

1 338
Paul Godbey - 25/06/13

This was only the beginning of the murders for the Bolsheviks. Many others would follow the Romanovs to a brutal murder and hasty grave. Regardless of how incompetent a ruler Nicholas II may have been, he and his family did not deserve this kind of end. F

1 339
Lara Hughes - 28/06/13

I love your page I have just released my book which will be published on the 17th July 2013 http://myonlinebookshop.com/lara-hughes/ - Thank you for such wonderful information and dedication xx

1 340
M. Joslyn - 03/09/13

I have long admired the Romanov family for their love of each other and their faith. I named my oldest son Nicholas after the Tsar. May God rest their souls. I was so happy when they were discovered and finally received the burial they had awaited so long

1 341
Crea Fate - 03/09/13

This site was very helpful with my forensic science class project. My professor said we could pick any type of forensic tool or a case solved with forensics. I immediately asked to do the Romanov family. This site helped greatly. Thank you very much.

Harsh Chauhan - 09/12/21

Hi, This website is very useful to know about the Place where so much brutality was brought onto the Romanov family and to their Loyalists. Thank you. I pray for those who died that day in that Cellar Room. Rest in Heaven!




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