Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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951 - 23/04/2006
Helen Ann Hubka

The slaughter of this beautiful family shall forver be one of History's greatest sorrows. This story has always grabbed at my heart strings. It is a disgrace that the Bristish Royal Family did not come to their aid, just shameful...May they forever rest in peace...

952 - 25/04/2006

Hallo you! Great web site. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I will recommend your page to all my

953 - 26/04/2006
cristina rosario

deseo entrar en el memorial

954 - 27/04/2006
George Petricko

Sorry to read about this

955 - 27/04/2006
Sylvie Fortin

Je rends hommage au gouvernement et au peuple russe, qui ont su réparer le crime des auteurs de la terrible Révolution de 1917, en accordant aux dépouilles de la famille Romanov les honneurs qui leurs étaient dûs. Que le tsar et la tsarine reposent en paix et bénissent le peuple russe ! Sylvie Fortin, Québec, Canada

956 - 30/04/2006

I feel really sorry about what happend when I read the story of how crule it was I couldn't help to cry.

957 - 30/04/2006
Mary Legg

Thank you for a wonderful site. I was reading 'In Siberia' by Colin Thubron and wanted to know the significance of Yekaterinburg and Ipatiev. Now I will always remember.

958 - 02/05/2006

An informative website.Useful for school reports.

959 - 04/05/2006
Artemi Aleksandrovitch Romanovsky_-skander

merci pour ce magnifique site à la mémoire de la Famille

960 - 05/05/2006

Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often!

961 - 07/05/2006
Darren Parmenter

Fascinating story, as they say - truth is stranger then fiction! If only the English Royal family had assisted them, how different things would have been.

962 - 08/05/2006

Your site is the best. I love your humour, layout, design and everything!

963 - 10/05/2006
Archpriest Paul Pyrch & Matushka Catherine Pyrch

Holy Martyr Nicholas and Family, pray for us sinners.

964 - 10/05/2006

I think this website is very cool up to date i hav 174 books on the Romanovs

965 - 11/05/2006
bailee donegan

I was just wanted to know though a man named reputian killed all the romanov zares or royals and I am sure by now this is a true story but are there any other romanov's still out there I know that is the rudest question and I don't mean to affend any one but I just watched the cartoon version of anastasia and that got me thinking.let the romanov's family rest in peace!

966 - 14/05/2006
William Thorpe

I have visited both the memorial site in the forest and the memorial site at the new church in Ekaterinburg. If anyone wants a feel for Russian history and the current mood of today's Russian people, then these two sites are a must see on the tourist's sightseeing agenda. Be prepared, though, to observe Russian Orthodox Church customs regarding clothing attire.

967 - 14/05/2006
iker hilton

this is great finelly a page to be informed

968 - 15/05/2006

"Reading some of these past guestbook entries a lot of you are fucking crazy. who in their right mind would believe that they are Tatania or that Anastasia is possessing them? that's just insulting to the Romanov family and it's sad to see people remembering them that way. i hope some people get a life and stop being so inconsiderate to the deceased."

Amen to that! People who say they were one of OTMA in a past life make me sick. Let them rest in peace! Its very disrespectful to them and the whole family. You obviously don't have the same love for them some of us do because I would feel horrible if I said something like that. :(
Thank you for this wonderful site and sharing all this great information! Especially all the pictures. Its really too bad they demolished the Ipatiev House.

969 - 15/05/2006

"I was just wanted to know though a man named reputian killed all the romanov zares or royals and I am sure by now this is a true story but are there any other romanov's still out there I know that is the rudest question and I don't mean to affend any one but I just watched the cartoon version of anastasia and that got me thinking.let the romanov's family rest in peace!"

It's TSARS. And NO Rasputin (or Reputian to you) did not kill the Romanovs or ANY royalty. The Romanov's were murdered by the Bolsheviks! How in the world can you base real facts on a stupid Fox cartoon?!? Hardly anything in it is historically correct! Sounds to me like you need to read up..big time!
If you have any questions about the last Romanov family feel free to email me! And I have an Anastasia website as well so if you would like the link to it you can email me as well.

970 - 17/05/2006
beatrice smith

hello historians many congratulations on this rather spectacular wbsite

971 - 18/05/2006

I really enjoyed this site. I am now reading Animal Farm by George Orwell and wanted a bit of information about the Romanov's. It's very interesting and I wish I could learn so much about it. Great job !!

972 - 21/05/2006

hello iam from ukraine yr site is gorgeouse like it very much

973 - 26/05/2006

Learning about the tragic fate of the Romanov's family is a very heart-breaking experience to me as a student. Their lives encompassed richness and beauty,yet tragedy befall them at the end. When I read books about the Tzar's family, I could not help but think about the love and devotion they have for each other. It is sad to know that the Romanov's children died tragically without fully accomplishing what life would have been for them. As a student, I truly respect the Last Imperial Family. This site is definitely a big help to me. Thank you.

974 - 27/05/2006
P.M. Zaikowsky

Thank you for your work on this site. A sad and tragic history.
My Grandmother and Great Aunt had dinner with the Tsar and his wife
along with the rest of their class of girls from finishing school.

975 - 27/05/2006
mark hesgltl

thank you for the great site.

976 - 27/05/2006

Great job. A lot of success in the future to your resource!!

977 - 28/05/2006
Zoraida Rosario

Si es posible encontrar algun libro en espano sobre la historia de los Romanov.

978 - 29/05/2006
never mind

Dear Sir or Madam,
Congratulations for the web page, was just simply moving. I am terribly sorry for the fate of these innocent people. I remember last year I was in an Russian exhibition, and among the items were jewels that belonged to the Imperial russian family and majestic dresses but the most moving thing and the thing that I will always remember was a big teddy bear that belonged to the russian tsarevich. I just was moved to tears. I know I cannot change things but if I could change the history I will rescue with a regiment of kossacs the romanovs.

979 - 30/05/2006

Holy Imperial Romanov Martyrs Pray to God For Us!

Russia may have been bad under the last decades of Romanov Rule this is true, nothing changed under the communists, more people died under them in 80 years than they id under the 300 of the Romanovs, and think of this, even today the Romanovs have been exiled from Russia for over 80 years and who now lives in their palaces?? hmmmmmm let me think.

Rest In Peace Your Imperial Majesties & Imperial Highnesses Pray to God For Us,

God Save Her Most Gracious & Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

980 - 01/06/2006
Eric B Walter

This is very interactive and I found an abundance of information that I previously was unaware of, such as The Cathedral on the Blood being erected upon the murder site. Great site, very informative!

981 - 06/06/2006

I cried all the time watching the material on this site!

982 - 06/06/2006

This is a very good memorial and it is good to see that the family is honoured.
Once the Holy Church blesses the Imperial remains there will be some closure.
More is to come on this story,as other relevant facts have yet to emerge.

983 - 06/06/2006
Tatiana Slujalkovsky

Olá pessoal, eu sou Tatiana e quero obter informações da familia Slujalkovsky

984 - 14/06/2006
peter worby

so..if the wall where the family was supposed to have been shot was sold to an english collector,I wonder where is it now as the bloodstains could and would prove beyond a doubt by dna that it either was or wasnt the place of execution..odd thing to buy too and transport...a wall..where is it???who would want such a thing..or someone who wants it to cover up the truth perhaps?that maybe the family did escape.and why did the authorities let it be removed and when??as it must have been well after the investigations.and curiously why would the house be demolished so long afterward too

985 - 16/06/2006

Thank you for your site...wonderful and very very depressing. How could this horror happen...I blame the kind of england for refusing entry to the Tsar, and if not the Tsar himself, why abandon the Imperial Children? It is disgusting. If the Tsar had been able to hold on to power a little longer, Russia would have been one of the greatest countries in the world. Surpassing many in culture, art, science and beauty. There is something to be said in the defense of the monarch. What is the use, this wonderful world is dead...and look what we have now...awful.

986 - 18/06/2006

This site has given me hope and peace as i am obsessed with the Romanov family and their adventerous life. I have read many about them. Now i have peace to know that the Romanov family is resting in peace.

987 - 21/06/2006

I knew that Queen Elizabeth II visited Grand Duchess Olga Romanov, Tsar Nicholas´ sister, in Canada during an official visit. HIH Grand Duchess Olga was living in an apartment on the top of a barber shop. The British Royal family never did anything to help the Tsar and his family. It would have been good to do something, and avoid an Imperial Highness ending her life in an apartment in Toronto suburbs. The only relative who TRULY tried to help and save the Imperial Family was Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain and his husband, King Alfonso XIII. Queen Victoria Eugenia was a grand daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Therefore, she was Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna´s cousin. The rest of the European royalty did nothing to help that good man and his family. Queen Elizabeth could have done something to make Grand Duchess Olga´s last days happier...but she did nothing...She was so comfortable in Buckingham Palace...What a shame!

988 - 22/06/2006

I am very well in formed about the last russian royal family.
Have been in russia,went to stpeterburg,saw catherine palace,the church where the czar is burie d just great.
Well done on this site

989 - 25/06/2006
A.G. - Italy

Compliments. Hard work of research.

990 - 27/06/2006

I truthly believe that this web site is the best. May the Romanov family rest in peace.

991 - 27/06/2006

Je sais que ce que je vais dire à déjà été dit mais c'est pas grave: je voulais juste dire que ce site est bien très bien fait. Un mot pour la fin: VIVE LES ROMANOV!! Et que de la haut ils vivent en paix ensembles et à jamais.

992 - 04/07/2006
Wendy i Sweden

hello! i am very impressed about your site, it´s very interesting and i have always been fascinated about the russian family and the mystery of Anastasia, of cours. i am still young, i am 16 but i have already create 2 books in school about this special family, i am so happy that i found your site. i am very happy for that. thank you so much.

993 - 04/07/2006
hello, i want to tell the truth

did you know that anna anderson did have children? did you know that anna anderson have a grand doughter? i am. sara andersson and i live in canada but i am born in franch. before anna anderson "stepd into the light" she had a little baby buta home for children took care about her. and right know i am sitting here in a chair in canada and knows that my mothers mother was royal in russia. i know that my mother had a secret that the womans in the childhome told her becouse when anna leave my mother there she told one of the nurse who she really was. and the nurse belived her and my mother belived it and i belive it. i hope you do to. dont try to contact me, please. i just wanted everybody to knows the truth, becouse this is a site about the truth. i want you to know that one romanov is still alive in canada. i dont know who my mothers father is but think it is the man who saved anastasia when she had been shot in sibiria. dont try to contact me. and dont tell the word about the lady in

994 - 07/07/2006

First I want to say that this is a really good homepage and about the drama on the romanovs. to everybody whos intereted in the romanovs I would like to recommend to everybody to read the memories of prince roman petrowitsch romanov (1896-1978). It's an interesting view into the world of the daily life of the romanov family.

995 - 18/07/2006
William Bonilla

This is a fascinating website.

996 - 18/07/2006
adriana mejia

ujala sigan en busca de la verdad

997 - 20/07/2006
Justin T Torres de la Villanueva

To Move foward we must look toward the past

998 - 23/07/2006

Hello! I wish to thank authors for this site, it was pleasant to me! I hope that the project will develop only. With the best regards, Samanta.

999 - 23/07/2006

I knew a man which knew Tsar and his family . The man is dead . He could not bear the secret with him . He try to help the family and the Tsar but he failed .
He told my the whole story about Tsar and about him with the Tsar .
He felt he was responseble for Tsar and his familys death .

1 000 - 23/07/2006

A very good site. It's a useful source for studies about the royal family and their tragedy.





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