Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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1 151 - 10/10/2007

The first Romanov was involved with Ipatiev, the last one, beginning the Soviet Era, and the man who tore it down was the man who'd DESTROY the Soviet Era and try to un-do the wrong done that night in July,1918. It was a sad chapter in Russian History and how coincidental that Ipatiev House was touched directly by major participants in Russia's entire 20th Century History.

1 152 - 11/10/2007

wished to continue that there was a time when knew many good people of all different faiths and political views( jewish, muslim, catholic, christain, palistaian, lutheran, etc. russian, german, french, british, scandinavian, chinese, japanese, all over as not to leave out others, etc while years of exp of worse of all,. So important history and value of real good people all kinds. have not been able to study and help live history and create as best good.

1 153 - 11/10/2007

many many years ago i met a 80 year old woman in switzerland who told me of her escape and involvement with romanovs. while victim for many years i recently found out some of my heritage, some including the romanovs. when a chance to read, it is moving and their deaths so wrong.

1 154 - 19/10/2007
Annette Aksenov

G'Day - Thanks for an amazing site. My husbands great Grandmother was Tatiana - Ipatiev.

1 155 - 20/10/2007
helena, slovenia

The did't desrve to die, most off all not children. Great page!

1 156 - 28/10/2007

As one well aware of the suffering produced by hemophilia, my heart has always "bled" for the young Tsarevich and his family. From one
"Blood Brother" to another.

1 157 - 28/10/2007
Mark Dooley

the revolutions of 1917 robbed Russia of its rightful future, i often wonder, had there been no revolutions how glorious Russia would be today, GOD SAVE THE ROMANOVS.

1 158 - 29/10/2007


1 159 - 07/11/2007
robert james egan

I found this site to be very interesting & informative & quite stirring in terms of emotion & remembrance of the past & empathy with the Romanov’s & their fate. God bless them & Rest in Peace

1 160 - 09/11/2007

thanks this really helped me with my GCSEs thanks

1 161 - 20/11/2007

I like the page but i hate de cellar room it is creepy.Now that a whole family die in there. They should be exiled special the children.I feel sorry for them.

1 162 - 26/11/2007

Perhaps someone can help me with this answer. But why on EARTH would the Russian authorities EVER allow something to be built on a spot as sacred as the Ipatiev House? The site where the last royal Romanovs were murdered has to be the WORST kept secret in all of history. So, if someone sees this and knows better than I do, perhaps you could answer this question? I'm not suggesting the spot be glorified in any way, shape or form. But it should be remembered, in the context of history, for what took place. And an appropriate Memorial or history monument should be erected as well. Just my two cents on this matter.

1 163 - 28/11/2007

Such tragedy, we humans probably have not progressed much since the night of July, 17, 1918. May the heavens bless the children and their guardians. May the heavens bless us so that we may know what not to do in the future.

1 164 - 29/11/2007

Very interesting. I saw the news of the discovery of the last 2 graves, so I had to find out more and came upon this site.

1 165 - 01/12/2007

This is haunting. I read The Kitchen Boy and got more interested in the Romanov family. History is real and events do happen. Yet many times, as these events are happening, we don't do much about it. Only in retrospect do we think we should have done this or that. I guess the wisdom of being a ruler of a country cannot be diminished with the passing of the ruler, nor should it be glorified.
I deeply feel for the family and wished such an atrocious act did not happen to them. However, the harsh truth is that iolence of this sort is still happening across the world. Humans are bound in this cycle of violence, it seems.

We should really learn from the mistakes we've made throughout history for a better mankind.

1 166 - 22/12/2007
Holly Romanov

i just found out im supposed to be a princess somewhere in russia ! by my grandfather alexander romanov and my great grandmother maria romanov ! is this true ! like how can i find out.. !email me back !

1 167 - 22/12/2007
Kenneth Regala

I got interested with the story of the Romanovs because of a dance production about Anastacia at school. I never knew their story was this tragic. Especially that of Alexei, who had hemophilia. I could only imagine if the boy went on to become Russia's tsar. This royal family has got to be the most tragic the world has ever seen.
Families lost, children murdered, all this just because of conflict. History should not repeat itself.

1 168 - 02/01/2008
Dr. David Bullock, Captain, ret.

May God bring eternal peace to a Family. And healing, blessings and peace to the Russian people.

1 169 - 05/01/2008
James Bernard Vincent Caffrey

The cold blooded murder of the Romanov family was a terrible tragedy in world history.May their souls rest in peace.

1 170 - 06/01/2008

great site. such a tragic happening in Russian history.

1 171 - 07/01/2008

Hey, the tsar had what was coming to him

1 172 - 13/01/2008

I found the info on this site really helpfull for my history project and will use it again. Thanx xxx

1 173 - 16/01/2008

i really feel that if they wanted to solve this matter that they should hire people to examin every aspect of this case now that we have the technology and find out the truth if they did survive or not i feel there are many debates about this subject and i feel that they should end the controversy once and for all and put these pour souls to peace cause just because u burried them doen't mean they are at peace

1 174 - 16/01/2008
troy bolton

you helped me alot thank you very much ps i dont think she died

1 175 - 06/02/2008

Some of these pics have ghost in them. you have to look closely

1 176 - 06/02/2008

I thought it was vwry sad about what happened to them!!!

1 177 - 07/02/2008
Anya Adams

this website was really helpful with my class project .i learned loads more than i did from any other website.and at frist i thought that this project would be pretty boring but it turned out to be
really helpful,

1 178 - 07/02/2008

i love this site it is so interesting OMG

1 179 - 07/02/2008

This is a tragic story and I believe that everyone who pretended that they were a Romanow is a loser!!!!!

1 180 - 07/02/2008

frggin awesome, my class was doing a project on DNA and we used the romanov's as an example, it's really cool how it all works, i wanted to learn more so my teacher gave me this website, it's sooo cool, thank you

1 181 - 07/02/2008

This was a wonderful story, not only that but it was very sad. And how they wouldnt believe her when she said she was Princess Anastasia, if they would have just did back ground testing they would have known a little earlier. so again this was a wonderful site and story.

1 182 - 07/02/2008

This is an very good site. I did not no that Anna Anderson was Anastia. But they should have used DNA testing...

1 183 - 07/02/2008

This murder story was a very sad thing but hopefully they rest in

1 184 - 09/02/2008

I feel so bad about what happened to them. The children died so
young. I really wonder what happened to anastasia.

1 185 - 09/02/2008
Elina from Finland

I want to know where is Anastasias/Marias and Alexeis bodyes. Yes i
am good english.

1 186 - 09/02/2008

Beau boulot ! J'apprécie beaucoup ce site très complet relatant une partie de l'histoire de cette (très grande) maison et des Romanov ! Tout est détaillé, expliqué et illustré autant que possible. J'aime beaucoup aussi les petites biographies très intéressantes des proches, des témoins et des assassins de la famille impériale. Voilà, je considère que c'est du très bon boulot et bonne continuation ;)

1 187 - 26/02/2008

OMG the story is sooo sad but i looooove this site. really helped in
my project!!

1 188 - 06/03/2008

This really helped with my history project

1 189 - 09/03/2008
sylvia d^^

great!!! very helpful n understandable

1 190 - 28/03/2008

Despite what many people think, Anna Anderson was not Anastasia Romanov. testing was done with the Duke of Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth II's husband) who is a descendant of the Romanov's and Anna Anderson which proved that she was not who she claimed to be. Why someone would claim to be a Romanov when they know they are not is a disgrace to their memory. No, Anastasia and Alexi have not been found, but most say that since they were the smallest of the children, the liquid that was used to try and get rid of the evidence of their murders more than likely did the job on them. Other accounts say that Anastasia and Alexi may have been burned beyond ashes and that's another reason why they haven't been found.

1 191 - 31/03/2008

that is awful

1 192 - 08/04/2008
Kathryn Salazar

It is nice to know that someone cares to recall what occurred. The photo is good since the building is gone.

1 193 - 11/04/2008
Kay F. Gibbs

Something about these pictures seem very familiar, deja' vu like. It is the first time I have seen an image of Gibbes. He looks like my father did as a child.

1 194 - 12/04/2008

Love the site...the Romanovs are indeed captivating. I recently got a tattoo of all of them on my back with the royal emblem of a double-headed eagle. They never cease to exist in my thoughts and I am not even Russian...great job on the site it is a wonderful tribute to a royal, classic, innocent family.

1 195 - 14/04/2008
Marina Denoscovich

I have be reaserching the romanoves and the information on this site is very coprended to books like"the romanovs final chapter" by robert k massie.

1 196 - 17/04/2008
jillian q

thanks for this!! it was really cool and it will definately help me on my history paper!

1 197 - 22/04/2008
James Winchurch

was baptized into the Orthodox church on April 19, 2008. I took Nicholas II as my patron saint. I have studied his life, and the Internet has opened the door to endless study. This site is splendid.

1 198 - 23/04/2008
curious joe

a rumour has surfaced about an illict affair between alexander the 3rd and mini whiLSt she was engaged to the elder brother who died..is that why she married him??and of a female child born out of the illicit relationship who was taken out of russia to england to avoid scandal..and placed with an employee of the british royal family..where did this info originate from?

1 199 - 23/04/2008

HELLO 2 everyone i thought id post a blog cos we (at luther college) r studying the romanovs death and i think its quite sad that the 4 chilren had 2 die and especially the married and inlove couple

1 200 - 24/04/2008

I was surprised by this website. It was very informative to any history buff.





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