Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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901 - 02/02/2006

Hello!. I am venezuelan and I am very sorprise about the story the last czar of Rusia. I want to know their history. Good site!!!!!!!!!!! ( I am learning inglish step by step, sorry).

902 - 06/02/2006

Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design.

903 - 08/02/2006


904 - 09/02/2006
Carla Stone

I really like the website i am really interested into discovering the romanov history more.I am going to russia soon to try to find the truth

905 - 09/02/2006
Mary Ann Valeros

This is a very good source for Term Papers. Very concise.

906 - 12/02/2006
Lucas David

this site is quite incredible and useful. for those who want to learn more about the russian history - me - it provides a very good source of the "end" of Czar and his family. due to the long content, it has taken me a long time, but surely it was quite worthwhile. I'm waiting for updates!

907 - 13/02/2006


908 - 13/02/2006

thanx guyz this site saved me a lot of time wid ma history hwk

909 - 15/02/2006

You have an excellent site easy on the eye and very easy to navigate, keep up the good work. Best Wishes.

910 - 16/02/2006

this site is weird!!!???

911 - 17/02/2006

i need to know more about teh deaths of the Romanovs fo ra projects any info you have would be great!!
thank you

912 - 17/02/2006
Adam J

it is sad that humans can butcher fellow humans in such cold blood not even animals can take this, as the so called bolsheviks executed the romanovs. all people attached to the execution should live in shame throughout their live. yakov's family should change their family name from yukovsky. it is sad what humanity has become.

913 - 20/02/2006


914 - 21/02/2006

I find it really sad the execution place was destroyed. How good would it be if we could visit it and feel the historical value for ourselves.

915 - 22/02/2006
anatoly lukin

long live the tsar

916 - 22/02/2006
Samantha Scmidt

Nossa! gostei muito do site! e um pouco creepy mais tdo bem!
Eu sou fascinada pela historia dessa familia real!
E um misterio!
Oq sera q realmente aconteceu com o Alexei e a Anastacia?!
Queria poder voltar no tempo, como um mosquitinho so pra
ver oq aconteceu!
Bom estao d parabens!
Adorei o site!

917 - 22/02/2006

Hey i am alive and in germany. i stayed here because they respect me and cured me of my hemophilia. they also took care of my sister Anastasia [Webmaster note : If it was true, Alexei would be 102 years old at this time !! This silly message demonstrates, once again, the fascination for this subject in some minds]

918 - 23/02/2006
Phillip of St. Paul

So sad that this physical memorial has passed into oblivion. Very good site for historical preservation

919 - 24/02/2006
stephen walley

What a tragic and pointless waste of human life. What madness causes people to murderchildren? May they all rest in peace, and hopefully the remains of the missing children can be found and buried with dignity with the rest of the family and servants

920 - 26/02/2006

This is a really nice site, although I do believe that Anna Anderson was Grand Duchess Anastasia. Once just needs to look at how desperately her opponents tried to discredit her during the Anastasia trials to know that.

921 - 28/02/2006
Sam Lacek

i am absolutely in love with the tragic history of the Romanov's! and i agree that their story should definantly be told to the whole world, and like review on what their lives were so no one forgets what happened to them.

922 - 04/03/2006

I think this was a good site. I thought the tour of the house was a really neat touch. I also got some good information for my report on the assassanation of the romanov family.

923 - 06/03/2006

Excelent site, informative simple and entertaining, incredible for seeing how the Romanov's tragedy was. En un mot: sensationnel!!!

924 - 06/03/2006

This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...

925 - 07/03/2006

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

926 - 08/03/2006
The Historian

Hi.. so I´m telling everyone that i really know the 2 world war and everything about Hittler ( I think so) but I really want to know more about the Anastacia history like when she borns, iun a line tiome

927 - 12/03/2006
Gerard Combes

Terrible emotion for me when visiting this site. Poor Nicholas, poor family, poor doctor and friends. Time has run but memory is still alive.

Congratulations for this virtual memorial
Gerard from France

928 - 12/03/2006

Je me souviens avoir suivi à la télévision les cérémonies entourant les funérailles de la famille impériale. Cela m'avait profondément touché. Excellent site, bravo pour le merveilleux travail.

929 - 13/03/2006
carolina mavarez

me parece tan triste e indigna la forma en como mataron a esta familia primero que culpan tenian esos inocentes niñosde lo que hayan hechos sus familiares quisiera que me enviaran fotos de la faimilia de lsos niños y quisiera saber si es verdad que anastacia esta viva y donde se encuentran los cuerpos de familia real

930 - 16/03/2006

this is a well good webby. it has loads of gud chat on it lad!

931 - 16/03/2006

lamento mucho lo que le paso a la famila romanov sobre todos a los hijos los cuales no tenian la culpa de nada y no merecian morir de esa forma tan horrible y brutal como los asesinaron ruego para que los culpables se esten quemando en el infierno y que sus alman nunca tengan descanso y ruego para que las almas de la familia romanov descansen en paz en el cielo y que alla donde estan puedan ser felices como no lo fueron en la tierra por culpa de unos seres tan desalmados que los asesinaron a sangre fria

932 - 18/03/2006
Alice Connaughton

am in year 9 and am doing a project on the romanovs murder. I found this website very interesting and informative. It has been very useful. Their story is terrifing and I think the family must have been very brave.

933 - 19/03/2006

Is anastacia romanov died in the year 1984? i just watched a film about her and it has touched me deeply. I hope she was happy until herlast breath. She has suffered a lot.

934 - 21/03/2006
alan booker

very interesting, fascinated by the tours

935 - 23/03/2006
Todd McKillop

My Modern History class are fasinated with the royal family and the tragedy that became their legacy.

936 - 23/03/2006
Hannah Morse and Ariann Brown

We love Anastasia,and we are very interested in her!! We are trying to find out more information about her and her family.

937 - 27/03/2006

I find this site truly amazing. The positions of the executors and victims were truly heartwarming, overwhelming and inspired. Well done!!

938 - 28/03/2006

i think they killed them all and that no one survived this brutal execution i read that king nick covered his sons eyes so that he woudl't see whats going on,how sad! and the poor kid was sick for heavens sake!i can't believe i am studying politics! i hate this world it makes me sick:(

939 - 28/03/2006
Milan Bozov Glendza Petrovic Njegos

Laka crna zemlja i vjecni raj Svetoj Carskoj Porodici Nikola II Romana!

940 - 31/03/2006

i think what happend was so terribel i would do any thing to bring her back

941 - 02/04/2006
Preston Dyar

This is a brilliantly researched, fascinating and meticulous site on something that will probably hold our attention for centuries. Thank you!
Preston Dyar

942 - 04/04/2006

sup ya'll im doing a paper on anastasia and i would like to know all about her email me at Tammaran1@cbemail.ca
thanx please help me out i would really appreciate it
Anastaisia romanove was a really cool chick and in my oppinion the Romanov family should have never been murderd

943 - 08/04/2006
Keegan Young

I have long been fascinated with the Romanovs and coming across this excellent site has helped me better understand those terrible events July 16-17 1918. You have done a remarkable job and credit the family.
The best of luck in the future!!!!

944 - 08/04/2006
Keegan Young

Me again, I've been searching the internet for the longest time looking for paintings of the Romanovs depicting their uncalled for execution, like those on this website. If you could contact me and give some clues, it would be most appreciated.

P.S. The maps of the positions of everyone that night are very insitefull. A job well done!

945 - 13/04/2006

I know its terrible that a whole family was murdered brutally without needing...
I don't agree with the communists actions against the Family, but I agree that Nikolai needed to pay for what he did to Russia. He was a bloody thirsty monarch that kept the people under the limits of starvation just so he can have all the pomp and riches of his useless parasite nobility. As he and his family ate banquets and slept on golden beds, his people worked 16 hours a day in the field and died from the cold, frostbitten and hungry.

I am sorry, but I think it's just a little too easy to defend the RICH ones, the TRUE THEIVES, i believe if the family was murdered brutally the way they were it was because of the RAGE of STARVING people who were fighting for justice and equality.
Czarism had to be extinguished, it was impossible to keep up a feudal society in the twentieth century, too bad that communism turned out be the same thing in the end, but at least everybody ate and read and had med

946 - 14/04/2006
Anastasia Steinbrecher

I am 8 years old and I was named after Anastasia. The Steinbrecher were from Russia and back in family history, I am related to Czar Nicholas and his family. I don't have my family history though and would like to find out how I am related.

947 - 15/04/2006
danielle darsley ward

hiya all i want to no is how the family dies thats all. i heard they were excuted and why does nobody no who anastaica was? i need these questions answered right away im going out o fmy head with lots of questions that need ansering, soi will let you no if i find them on yyour website thank you very much!

948 - 17/04/2006
Keith Hearl Van Alstine

Great Site. Am Romanov "crazy" and would like to see any new info you get! Long live the Tsar!!!!!!!

949 - 17/04/2006

Fabulous site.

950 - 23/04/2006

I just wanted to learn more about her and her family.





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