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651 - 15/12/2004
yasmin wesolowski

hola quisiera saber la verdaddera historia de los romanov
y de lo qe en verdad sucedio con ellos.
Por lo que se fueron asesinados de una manera que no merecian por eso espero que esten donde esten esten bien.

652 - 16/12/2004

I know its terrible that a whole family was murdered brutally without needing...
I don't agree with the communists actions against the Family, but I agree that Nikolai needed to pay for what he did to Russia. He was a bloody thirsty monarch that kept the people under the limits of starvation just so he can have all the pomp and riches of his useless parasite nobility. As he and his family ate banquets and slept on golden beds, his people worked 16 hours a day in the field and died from the cold, frostbitten and hungry.

I am sorry, but I think it's just a little too easy to defend the RICH ones, the TRUE THEIVES, i believe if the family was murdered brutally the way they were it was because of the RAGE of STARVING people who were fighting for justice and equality.

Czarism had to be extinguished, it was impossible to keep up a feudal society in the twentieth century, too bad that communism turned out be the same thing in the end, but at least everybody ate and read and had med

653 - 19/12/2004

hi my name is bartek and i feel like one of the russian family maybe but some times i have vission's of anastaia getting murrderd when she in the celler room and or times i have dreams like anastasia taking a baby into a house with a family it might be true but what i have dreams oh there is anther dream that i am in st peterburg and Iam with anastasia .

654 - 19/12/2004


655 - 21/12/2004

es profundamente conmovedor y repugnante lo que le hicieron a la familia real...rezo a dios y a la virgen por ellos..........

656 - 22/12/2004
kimery franklin

I am very interested in anastasia and her family

657 - 25/12/2004

Mooie site maar droevig hoe de tsaar en z'n familie aan hun einde gekomen zijn groetjes

658 - 25/12/2004
Yuri Velsaquez

The book 'the Puppet Masters' by John Hughes-Wilson. Orion Books 2004 ISBN 0-297-84615-9

...contains the story that a British intelligence team tried a rescue attempt on the 1st July. One of the women went missing, allegedly flown by a Captain Pooole of the RAF following the Trans-Siberian railway track to Vladivostock. There he and the unknown woman boarded a Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Suffolk which sailed to Japan. There the baggage was moved to a Japanese warship which then sailed to Canada. The inference was that the 'baggage' was the Grand Duchess Tatiana.
This makes things interesting as the bones of HIH Tatiana have been DNA tested from the grave mentioned on this web site.
There is quite a bit of evidence that Anna Anderson was HIH Anastasia. But was this story a smokescreen. The bones oh HIH Alexei have never been found.
Quite a story !

659 - 30/12/2004

the night princess anna was taken away the soldger that layed her beside the road the one with the stripped shirt was it the gypsys that picked her up and nursed her to health again and is it true that she carries th hemmophillia gene which is a hereditary gene and what kind of bad foot did she have was it maybe a bone spur

660 - 01/01/2005
ingrid buchelli

solo quiero decir q a veces pienso q los romanov no tuvieron tampoco q tener a rusia n la pobreza y ellos bien

661 - 01/01/2005

Thanks, the site was very useful for information and I found it very interesting. The photos are amazing!

662 - 06/01/2005

hey, i liked learning about the romanovs it was interesting but tragic and sad. i started cring when i heard about how the romanovs had to live thier lives. i will never understand how they felt when they were going to die. i dont want this to happen to anyone anymore. not even anna anderson for making up a lie and saying she was anastasia. but you you must be forgiving. i would like to help anastasia , but i dont know how. i would love to ask her questions about her life and how it felt to die. anastasia feels like a sister to me. i am sorry for thier death and for alexis desise. rest in peace anastasia, tatiana , olga , marie , and sir nicholas and alexandra romanov. and let your souls heal with the heartbreak of your death. amen.

663 - 10/01/2005
Rebecca F.

You have an absolutely wonderful website here! Great job, comrade! The whole Romanov assassination plot intrigues and saddens me at the same time. I am very into Russian culture and history, and to find a site like this is wonderful. My only suggestion is to check grammatical and spelling errors (I'm not sure exactly if your a native English speaker or not though) and possibly expand this site. I would love to see more!!!

664 - 11/01/2005

hola quisiera ver mas informacion sobre los romanov en especial sobre la gran duquesa maria , gracias!

665 - 12/01/2005

quiero q me den inforacion sobre sergi romanov de russia de la familia romanov.

666 - 12/01/2005
pilar villarreal cabrero

siento que el odio humano lleve a las fatales consecuencias a las que llevo a la familia romanov .descansen en paz

667 - 14/01/2005

Wow, I love your site!

I'm doing a dairy project for my social studies class on Anastasia Romanov and have become enthralled with the family. They're truly fascinating, aren't they?

668 - 18/01/2005
Erkki Honkasalo

I have interesed about this theme and generally a last period of life of Nikolai Romanov and his family in Tobolsk and Jekaterinburg allready very long time. I have looking for suitable photographs about czar Nikolai II be as prisoner in Tobolsk or in Jegaterinburg for portrait which i have planned make about him.

669 - 19/01/2005

hey , can i see picture of romanov family ??

670 - 19/01/2005
Debbie Williams

A most interesting website - full of fascinating information - I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Thank you so much

671 - 20/01/2005

i really enjoying this web site and its help me ti figure somany things

672 - 22/01/2005
rebecca dean

read nicholas and alexandra by robert k massie,along with sites like this, it is very helpful in understanding the people behind the tragedy.

673 - 26/01/2005

I am a Romanov addict and need a twelve step program. lol. My fave is the tsareavitch Alexis Nicholeavitch Romanov. I wish he could have become the second Tsar Alexis. And his sisters, all so young. What really makes me upset is the rumours about Anya surviving. They were wonerfu people. God bless...

674 - 28/01/2005


675 - 29/01/2005
Elin w.

Its a great site.. Thanks! it has helped me so much in my reserche.. // Elin from Sweden.

676 - 23/01/2005
juan carlos

Se cree que aparecio la sobrebiviente de la familia romanof.....pero se quiso mantener en secreto?

677 - 02/02/2005
Tsarevitch Alexei Romanov

Hello!! my name is John and im 14 years old and live in SPAIN in english . En español yo keria decir ke kiero saber la verdadera historia de los romanov , porke creo k con la pelicula de disney me engañaron y me he recorrido cielo y tierra para saber mas sobre ellos y nunca doy con nada , asi que porfavor la gente que hable mi idioma y sepa cosas importantes de esa gran familia que contacte conmigo , es lo mas importante para mi , de verdad , es increible que una familia real sea asesinada ... VIVA ALEXEI ROMANOV Y ANASTASIA !! VIVAN LOS ROMANOV !! PORFAVOR CONTACTEN CONMIGO , MUCHAS GRACIAS , SOMOS LOS MEJORES!!

678 - 04/02/2005

Si Anastasia et Alexis ont survécu au massacre, pourquoi ne parle-t-on pas de leur retrouvaille ?
Se sont-t-ils au moins reconnus ?
Je suis convaincue que ces enfants ont survécus puisqu'on n'a pas découvert leur ossements, mais que sont-ils réellement devenus ?
Pourquoi ne pas accréditer la thèse qu'Anna Anderson pouvait être Anastasia ? Question d'héritage ? Elle est belle la famille !
On parle toujours d'Anastasia et jamais d'Alexis, pourquoi ?

679 - 04/02/2005

This web site is great historical facts I have always been in tersted in the mystery of the Czars or Romanov family. I really love this web site beacuse it helps a little on what happened to the Romanov Family. Thanks

680 - 06/02/2005
Tsveta Dimitrova

I think that Anna Anderson is actually the real Anastasis Romanova and there is no doupt in this.

681 - 07/02/2005

This site is very interesting. The Romanovs are a very interesting Royal Family and there life and there story will never be forgotten. The execution was horrible! I hope that furture people will learn and love the story of them like I do. Anastasia rocks!

-Jenna Nash from Canada.

682 - 12/02/2005
jeniffer margarita pérez hurtado

me gustaria saber donde estan los cuerpos de los romanov

683 - 16/02/2005

Thanks for sharing such a well-done site. The tragic story is haunting, and this site tells it better than any other on-line resource I have found.

684 - 16/02/2005

I am very interested in the life and possible death of ananstacia romanov and would like to know as much as possible.

685 - 16/02/2005
Robert Smtih

Very interesting website as I have read almost every book on this subject. I am always looking to find out new information and see more photographs of anything related to the Romanov tragedy

686 - 18/02/2005
Sicent peter

I loved your site, and I'm sure that it'll bless the life of many others people like it did for me.

687 - 18/02/2005

its a very interesting site!!

688 - 19/02/2005

Romanovs Forever

689 - 19/02/2005
Gerard Vrey

After studying Russian history now nearly twenty years ago, I still find it terribly sad that such a tragic and senseless end should mark the end of the lives of Nicholas and his family. Alexei's death in particular disturbs me. May all their dear souls rest in peace eternally.

690 - 22/02/2005
dixie pless

i've always been fascinated with the romanovs and even went as far as to name my own daughter Anastasia. I'm writing a duel paper right now for history and english class on the missing romanov children. if anyone can help with information on the basis that they did go missing i would appreciate it.

691 - 27/02/2005
Victor AG

To the royal couple Nicholas Romanov Imperator, Zsar and Zsaritsa Alexandra Fedorovna all prayer to the saints in heaven in particular Saint Seraphin. God save athe Zsar.

692 - 28/02/2005

a girl named 'Natalie Kennedy' is currently in the april edition of bliss magazine, with her claim of being tatiana romanov reincarnated!
It's page 68, and there's a picture of her too. Maybe you could scan it and put her on 'the pretenders' page!

Buy it and read it to see if you believe her.

693 - 28/02/2005

a mi me interesa todo en absoluto de las grandes duquezas y el zarevich ,,quiero que me manden fotografias de las que puedan,,me encanta las historias y todo lo que sufrieron ademas quiero ver toda la belleza de olga ,tatiana, maria y anastasia nikolaevna y el tzarevich alexei..por favorm lo espero..karen..

694 - 01/03/2005

i think that it the story behind the romanov family is very creepy. Anna Anderson could have been the real anastasia. who knows ?????????????

695 - 01/03/2005
Beverly Ivette López Sandoval

Hola, soy de la Ciudad de Guatemala en Centro América y creo que, al igual que muchos personajes de la historia, la vida de los Romanov es bastante interesante.

696 - 02/03/2005
Giselle Martine

I loved your site because I am really interested in the Romanovs' history. But you see, some information that you show in your site about Anna Anderson, are diferent of the ones that Peter Kurth writes on his book. He says, for example, that she refused to speak in russian, but could understand it very well and sometimes even answer questions but in other language. Some people recognized her and she could describe things that happened that nobody could know, just one Romanov. All the statements on that book are supposed to be documented or testifyed. Some things really strange for somebody that didn´t have any connection with that family!
Congratulations anyway for your site! Very interesting!
Giselle Martine

697 - 02/03/2005


698 - 02/03/2005

Hola!! , bueno a mi me gustaria que la gente de españa o de fuera me da igual , ke fuera super fanatica de los Romanov , ke me agregaran para saber mas yo sobre ellos , porke nunca me aclaro si aleksey murio ejecutado o no , asi que porfavor agreguenme a yitan_13@hotmail.com y contarme lo k vosotros sabeis asi yo podre descubrir ke fue lo ke paso , os espero !! by DeiViD con darling!!

699 - 05/03/2005

Wow! I have been a Romanov fan for four years, and I really like this site...I specificly like where you can look aroung the cellar room with the mouse, not just pictures! I love it!

700 - 07/03/2005
Ameilia Johnson

I was terrified at what I saw form the celler pic.





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