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1 001 - 23/07/2006
Bill Ford

Excellent data that has certainly increased my knowledge concerning the murders of the Romanovs. ery well documented.

1 002 - 24/07/2006

I have read and read about the last Romanov and ecah time I got more convinced that the last Tzar and his familiy definitively were very good pearsons, did'nt deserve what they did to them, was a horrible crime!! Those pictures frome the cellar room frozen my blood in my vains.

May God Bless the Tzar and his family. I love them very much.

Pretty good site!

1 003 - 26/07/2006

Compliments on the site. Some evidence that you have omitted is that there are many inconsistencies in almost all aspects of Gill's forensic analysis of the DNA of the 9 bodies exhumed. Another paper written by Knight et al - uncovers some of these inconsistencies and faults with the way that the evidence was treated ie a chain of custody of the evidence and finds the maternal DNA found in Tsarina's corpse does not match a sample taken from Tsarina's sister's corpse. Also the DNA analysed by Gill did not exhibit the properties of ancient 70 year old DNA, but fresh DNA which is less than a few weeks old. This would suggest contamination. However the contamination would have to be extremely precise, becuase the DNA establishing the family group all matched up to identify a father mother and three children.

The fact that there is no chain of custody means that no one knows whose hands the bones came into before being analysed (ie there was time for tampering) and no one has since bee

1 004 - 26/07/2006

the website is mad. thanks for your effort

1 005 - 27/07/2006
Mark Geuy

Mark Geuy of Murrieta - Just looking at your website...very nice.

Very informative and very cool grahpics.

Anyway, thank you.

1 006 - 28/07/2006
Esmeralda Rivas

Wow, this is such a great site! Very interesting and informative. Very well done!

1 007 - 31/07/2006

Your website is just beautiful! I wish you much success in all your endeavours! In love,
friendship and healing Linda

1 008 - 31/07/2006
Andrea Calderón

The first thing I knew about the last Romanov was the history of Anna Anderson, which fascinated me. At the beginning, as same as many people I deeply believed that she was Anastasia.
Each time I read some thing about Nicky and his family Anna Anderson left behind. I fell in love with OTMA and all their history. I love the family very much as if they were my own family. My favorite member is Anastasia, because she and I have many, many things in common and of course all the mystery all around her.
Today I really believe that Anna Anderson was not Anastasia. I think the DNA testing is correct, but there are so many controversy about it, so I decided to do my own analysis. I'm not a forensic doctor or some thing like that but I'm a good painter and physonomist I have talent to recognize people and if I see a photograph I can certainly say who was that kid in the photo. [...]

1 009 - 31/07/2006
Andrea Calderón

[...] The nose and the mount of Mrs. Andersson don’t match with Anastasia's. The lips of Anastasia were much thinner. In my experience I have concluded that time and age don't change this features in parsons.
The missing bodies of Alexei and Anastasia or Marie don't prove anything to me. Those Bolsheviks didn't allowed servants and pets stay alive, even less one members of the royal family. How could Alexei survive that slaughter if he had hemophilia???
Of course, we all, Romanov fans wanted to believed in a dream, in a beauty possibility. Included Anna Anderson herself, she was a poor crazy woman who honestly believed she was the princess, but she wasn't. is time to face the truth.
But don’t be sad, we can change the past but the royal family is still alive in our hearts and memory. May God bless them.


PS: Alexei, I love very much and miss you a lot. Where ever you are I hope you're well and happy.

1 010 - 01/08/2006

Thanks the author for this site! Has very much liked!
With the best regards, Tom Hughes

1 011 - 02/08/2006

This is an excellent site! The english translation is a bit poor in some bits but the essential information is great!! I have always been fascinated with the Romanovs ever since i saw the animated movie Anastasia. I am now also doing a written and oral report on the execution so i will definitely be visiting this site A LOT!!

1 012 - 07/08/2006
shelley dube

wonderful site for information on the execution.this is the most unthinkable thing that could ever happen to such a loving and wonderful family . by keeping people aware of the romanov story. it touches everyone and keeps the family spirits alive...you can't help but take a piece of each of them with you.

1 013 - 09/08/2006
shelly dube canada

i am writing in response to a girl who made a comment on being anna andersons grandaughter. i don't claim to be a romanov expert but i have done enough research to know that anna anderson was tested and came from polish decent not russian. further more if this girl is anna andersons granddaughter, and she truly believes that her grandmother was ANASTASIA and she wants the whole world to know the truth isin't there some way a dna test could be performed to prove once and for all that there is a romanov heir. on another note the website is very informative i am sure everyone who reads it will take a part of this family with them. the story of the romanovs captures eveyones heart in a way that can not be explained. LONG LIVE THE ROMANOVS!!!

1 014 - 10/08/2006

i found this site a greate help for finding out more about the romanov family

1 015 - 17/08/2006

Hello, The site is extraordinary, cheer. After consulthaving consulted it, it comes me a question: why the prisoners did pass by outside to go in the part of the murder? Wasn't it possible to pass by the interior starting from the hall of the principal entry? Do you have an answer to this question? Thank you

1 016 - 17/08/2006

por que mataron a la familia romanov????

1 017 - 28/08/2006

Long live Romanovs!

All my love, my heart, my soul to Nicky and his beatiful family. They were a good persons,a very good persons they didn´t deserve what the bolsheviks did to them. They only want a peaceful life. I love them with all my strong.

1 018 - 28/08/2006

I hope you understend spanish

¡Larga vida a los Romanov!
Durante toda mi vida he estudiado a Nicky y a su bellísima familia. Y después de tantos años ha crecido en mi un gran amor por ellos. Al encontrar esta página me he sentido muy feliz de encontrar gente interesada en los Romanov, gente que no olvida a Nicolás, ni a Alexandra, ni tampoco a sus cinco hijos. Gente que reconoce ese horrible crimen en julio de 1918. Mi saludos a todos vosotros.

1 019 - 06/09/2006

HI!!!!!! I LOVE OTMA!!!!!

1 020 - 11/09/2006
Jo Villegas

Long live the Romanovs. Down with the Bolsheviks.Down with Lenin and his evil minions! May they rot in hell.

1 021 - 17/09/2006

La verdad que fue un horrible y despiadado crimen lo que le hicieron a esa feliz familia, es bueno que la gente tenga un sitio como este en la web para seguir recordandolos y poder estar bien informados porque a pesar de ser una historia tragica es sumamente interesante.
Exelente sitio, muy bien hecho.

1 022 - 18/09/2006

Even as a child, I've always been so curious about what really happened aside from what I saw in that animated film. My teacher asked me why I got interested in this topic....I guess this could really get me an A+ for my project.

1 023 - 19/09/2006

wow.......this web sit is so cool! I am doing a big school project on hte romanov family and this web site has helped me alot,,,,,,,,,thankx!

1 024 - 24/09/2006
Mr. Jesse Abel Rostovsky

I am the 10th great grandson of the executed King Charles the first of Britian and the second great grandson of the prince of Rostov Russia. My great grandmother and her parrents escaped execution durring the revolution.
I write this to express my deepest love and sorrow to the fallen Czar and his family. I pray for a day when a possible restoration of the Crown in russia will be possible as a Constitutional Monarchy. It would mean so much to us all to see our imperial hertitage restored for generations to come.
To all of the decendants of the Russian Crown, I send my love and support along with my deepest sorrow for those who lost loved ones at the hands of the murderers durring the revolution. In memory of all of the fallen, I say, may the imperial house reign in Russia once more if God only wills! God save the Czar!

1 025 - 24/09/2006
Jim Tionesta

Nicholas Romanov had an option of becoming a Constitutional Monarch like his relatives on the British Throne.Instead he would not give up being an absolute monarch.He made a wrong choice and was killed for it.

1 026 - 25/09/2006

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site i see that you created it going the whole hog!!

1 027 - 27/09/2006

This was a wonderful site for me to get the facts on the murder of the Romanovs. I saw the Film "the LastTzar" but it went by so quikley i am not sure i got to much out of it thanks for the expirience

1 028 - 29/09/2006
Theresa Lora S. Zamora

What a very interesting story the Romanov's had. I admit it's only this time that I learned about them.

The Republic of the Philippines also have a "Red Army" in the person of the Abu Sayyaf. They kill people to reach their goals and to get what they want. People like them are selfish. We should not follow those greedy, selfish people... Grrrr!!!!!!!

1 029 - 01/10/2006

Very good site! Thanks!

1 030 - 02/10/2006
Mr. Jesse Abel Rostovsky

As a decendant of the imperial house, I find it offensive that some would suggest that Czar Nicholas the second had a chance to become a constitutional monarch. While this may in some part be true, the fact remains that he did eventualy sign a instrument of abdictation renouncing his crown, and as such he did not in any way deserve to die. He handed power over to others who abused their power by cold heartedly murdering members of my russian household. To those who committed that evil act, I pray God have mercy on their souls, as I am sure they are worthy of hell fire. It was senseless evil.

1 031 - 02/10/2006
Angela from italy

compliments on the site, very interesting!

1 032 - 03/10/2006
Carole & Karin Sitts

Please let me know any DNA results which prove anyone of the pretenders were who they claimed to be.

1 033 - 03/10/2006

Excellent work! Maybe it is hard to find something pleasant for me, but in fact there are the things like your site, bringing a sheer pleasure!

1 034 - 06/10/2006
A Cummings

What deep feelings of grief overcome me everytime I think of what those butchers did to that family, especially those beautiful innocent children. There was nobody to help them.

I also think my own kids, who happen to be almost the same age as Alexei and his sisters.

Thank you for the wonderful tour. Thank God the Russian Government has come to it's senses over this tragic event, and has finally acknowledged their complete innocence.

1 035 - 10/10/2006
juan martin

ojala pudiera ver un poco más de información, Dios tenga en su gloria a estos martires del comunismo que no llevo a nada a Rusia, OJALA SE HAGA NUEVAMENTE JUSTICIA POR ESTE ATROZ CRIMEN

1 036 - 10/10/2006
antonio marçal pinto de castro

lamento que tudo isso tenha acontecido. não há ideologia que possa conferir a alguém o direito de cometer tamanha atrocidade. ficarei muito feliz em receber um retorno. ( English or español)

1 037 - 15/10/2006

This is ridiculus..but every time I see this family I fill like it was mine...Same how I dont now it is like they were me.... 1º I dont believe in monarchy or in something else but every time I look at this images, a dont fil confortable..When I sow the images of the excution a start to cry. Good help them were ever they are, or a hope they rest in pice!

1 038 - 20/10/2006
Malcolm Beddard

found this to be a fascinating site as I have always been engrossed by the mystery.
I must say, however, that I have doubts about the execution itself. I have no doubts, of course that it took place - but whether the number of people involved could have squeezed into such a small space without the murderers themselves being injured by flying bullets I think is unlikely. Besides, the guards were drunk; it was pay day.
I suspect that part of the Bolshevik account is untrue and that the family and entourage may have been attacked and/or molested before they finally perished. Ermakov had, after all, promised the Grand Duchesses alive to his factory mates waiting in the forest.
I base this belief partly on the confusion surrounding the precise time of the events in 1918.

1 039 - 21/10/2006
Kathie Hodson

I feel compelled to sign this guestbook. I have visited many, many places through the internet which I will never see firsthand. This site, this family, how tragic. Their torture was but a moment, their legacy endures.

1 040 - 21/10/2006

ever since i saw anastasia the movie i am very interested in her she is sort of my role model but it is a shame what thay did to her family i think they lived through it though

1 041 - 31/10/2006

A very informative site and a pleasure to view. Great for my history studies, thank you.

1 042 - 01/11/2006
Sandeep Manudhane, India

Today is 01 Nov 2006. Last night, I saw a movie Nocholas and Alexandra. The last few minutes of the movie deeply disturbed me, in which the Romanov family is brutally executed by the Bolshevik captors. The most moving shot was of the little boy suddenly kissing his father realising death was near, and the queen making the cross on her self! The execution could have been avoided, and a better way out could have been thought of by the then executors. However, I must add that the Tsar had countless opportunities earlier of avoiding this fate (based on the facts shown in the movie) but ill-advised by his wife and misguided by the evil Rasputin, he lost all control of what seemed like a manageable situation. The anger of the revolutionaries is well understood, as their own kith and kin must have perished in the long wars forced upon them. Finally, what a tragic end for the lovely family, and what a blot for human history!

1 043 - 02/11/2006

this site has really helped me out to know more about what happened exactly to the romanov family i liked seeing the pics i like seeing pics because i have more of an idea of what happend in my mind and its just more detail... i liked it

1 044 - 04/11/2006
larissa Sheremeteva-Romanova

i see where are 3 members at familia tsar Nukolay

1 045 - 08/11/2006
Tony Soares

Estou fascinado com este síte. Está muito completo. Apesar do grande trabalho aqui demonstrado, não há dúvida de que o mistério à volta deste assunto ainda é muito grande.
Continuem com o vosso trabalho pois é de louvar.

1 046 - 09/11/2006
Jeff and Janelle Ballard - Australia

What a fascinating site.Spent a long time on it discovering things we hadn't realised before.Both of us have read ALL stories re Anna Anderson and believe the DNA evidence was contaminated and she really was Anastasia.Sometime in the future the truth will out
Jeff and Janelle

1 047 - 14/11/2006

Excelente pagina, muy buena informacion, ¡Felicidades! ¿Es cierto que Anastasia y Alexei se escaparon?
Hasta luego

1 048 - 18/11/2006

Hi. And thank you. I'm surprised to find a lot of people around the world so interested in what was done to the holy family in that house, and not only in that house in fact. As far as I get to know more and more about what kind of people they were, I feel more and more Russian, and more and more orthodox. And it feels like the whole world will once see, and even now it is so evident that they are alive, in heaven. And I know for sure, Russia will rejoice.

1 049 - 17/11/2006

So, Are Alexei's bones and at this moment under Koptyaki road,I think YES. I do not know why, but my heart says that is true????

1 050 - 21/11/2006

this website is so boring





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