Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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1 201 - 29/04/2008
Danica Romanov

I wish i could have met my family.

1 202 - 30/04/2008
Steven Turner

very cool and informative site...thanks

1 203 - 05/05/2008

I hope the family will be traced and restored to their rightful glory in my lifetime.

1 204 - 23/05/2008

The Romanovs were indeed a great a love story and devoted family.Especially with this year being the 90th anniversary of their deaths it makes what really happened that much more important. IF one did survive I believe that the time to uncover the truth to any mysteries is NOW. Whether its the Russians or a group of scientists that may or may not be trying to hide some of the \"gory details\" trust me, eventually the truth always comes out. I also believe that one did survive, and that soon the truth as to the who and the where will come to light, maybe even just in time for the 90th anniversary. Now wouldnt that be great for the Romanovs and finally resting in peace?

1 205 - 24/05/2008
Pat F.

Dear Bernard T - Thank you so much for your excellent site. I, too, have been and remain fascinated by the entire story of the Romanovs.
Your site has provided me with more to read about, for which I am grateful. Now that all of the family members are accounted for, I am still fascinated. However, I must admit I was hoping that somehow Anastasia had survived, and I was sorry to learn that she did not.
Thank you again.

1 206 - 24/05/2008

Hello, on your site, you say that Rasputin was born in 1872, but in fact he was born in 1869. (If you belive what they say in the book Rasputin, by Edvard Radzinskij, great book you should read it, if you havent!)

1 207 - 28/05/2008
DJ Czerniejewski

I am glad theImperial families remains are at final rest, but whatever happened to Alexei and the missing daughter's remains?

1 208 - 30/05/2008
Charles Garcia

A very interesting site. I have always wanted to know more about the last days of the Romanov Royal Family. Very good work.

1 209 - 02/06/2008

This site helped me learn more about the Romanov and how they died . Showing the place where they were killed it is just so intereting . Just trying to think that something like this actual happened . It is very interesting to learn.

1 210 - 02/06/2008

In the history content you got Alexei age wrong he was 14 when he died because Anastasia was born 1901 and Alexei was born 1904 thats 3 years diffence Anastasia was 17 when she died which would make Alexei 14 not 13 like it says

1 211 - 12/06/2008
David Warias

My interest in the Romanov family only increases with each passing year. Having learned of them and of their fate as a boy..I have remained spellbound for over 40 years. My heart breaks with each book that I read and with each web-site that I explore. The one question that haunts me as I read is "if only", if only this was done, this was known, this was said,if only.... I remain a loyal subject of the Tsar in this life as surely I must have been in a previous life. My love, honor and respect for the Tsar and his family is that strong and will remain with me as surely as these Saints remain in my thoughts, prayers, and in my heart.

1 212 - 14/06/2008
Catherine Holveck-Morra

I am very interested in he Royal Imperial family..including back to Catherine the Great. It is very interesting indeed; I have neighbors from Russian who do not like to talk about the Imperial Family..some of he younger generation- know very little of them..typical. I fully enjoy history.

Jus wish the King of England would've helped them as they needed, but that was in the fate of God's hands.

1 213 - 14/06/2008

This site helped out alot and R.I.P Royal family you'll be missed.

1 214 - 30/06/2008

hi, your site is about the romanovs is great. you know my daughter's have friend.who moved here from russia. and to tell you the truth this young man kind of looks like the romanov family. he told my daughters the reason, he and his family had to leave was because hes father beat them and he was looking for them, the childs name was oleg, he has move from our small town in tennesee. but it was just funny that i have read aalot about the romanovs. and helped my daughters with history they were doing on this . and it made think of this child. but thank you for the great help on there papers from you site. and ithink it is sad about the romanov family. p.s. and i do believe anna andrewson is anastasia.

1 215 - 01/07/2008
Prince Dariq Daniel

In response to Bill,(Dated 11 06 07) The main reason for the demolition of the Ipatiev House,(as told by my Grandmother) was from fear. Fear that the people of Russia would designate this house as a holy shrine. Do not forget that the Russia of long ago, was a deeply religious country. Some say it was that very religon that brought Our House of Romanov down. To destroy the Ipatiev House, One destroyed the chance of any shrines,or of any fragements of the past. The goal at the time was to destroy the past, and forge ahead to a new Russia.

1 216 - 04/07/2008

I like very much your website, you did a very good job!!
I've a Romanov website to, it's a French website:

Best regards, Alexandre.

1 217 - 11/07/2008

Thank You so much for putting this site on!!! Its very interesting!!

1 218 - 13/07/2008
Paul Chandler

In National Geographic's July,2008 issue under:Archeology(not listed in Contents) a piece of Alexei's shirt from the Yekaterinburg grave is shown. VERY sad. The anniversary approaches. Rest In Peace. Your Family Is Soon To Be Together Again(Hopefully). Paul

1 219 - 27/07/2008

Thanks for keeping the memory of the family alive!What happened to the romanovs is simply horrific and may they rest in peace..

1 220 - 16/07/2008
Paul Chandler

Very moving, very sad site. I saw the July 2008 National Geographic issue with the photo of the piece of Alexei's death-shirt. Perhaps his bones might, through DNA, solve the mystery of IF he had or DID NOT have Hemophilia. Some medical historians think it was "Aplastic Crisis".

1 221 - 17/07/2008
Paul Chandler

The "Good Thief" Of The CHEKA Firing Squad? History-makers walked through the entrance of Ipatiev House, Romanovs, Bolsheviks,Yeltsin..one is forgotten and probably deserves credit for his role as one of those to be in the firing squad. A Hungarian named Nagy,he put down his revolver and refused to shoot the Romanovs."I don't kill innocent people and children!" he's alleged to have said. In 1956 Nagy(pronounced "Naj") would be Prime Minister in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising and die. He is now a national hero in Hungary. On the 90th-let's not fail to mention THIS CHEKA who risked being shot-to do the right thing."What is your duty? Do the right thing, that is always your duty!" Don Bosco

1 222 - 18/07/2008

Very nice site, thank you.

1 223 - 05/08/2008

I really enjoyed the house/room layouts you did where you paired each room w/ actual photographs. It gave you a great look into what the house use to look like - a very unique feature. Good job!

1 224 - 06/08/2008

Wonderfoul page, thank you so much for make it.

1 225 - 12/08/2008
Olga Couture

this was a very instructful site and I enjoyed it immensley. Rest in peace Romanov family!

1 226 - 21/08/2008
Recato Cristiano Eberwein

I have left a message previously on this site. Again to the Royal Family may you forever rest in peace. And may God come down on those who chose to murder the chosen Family of Russia. The Heir Apparent Alexis will never be forgotten.

1 227 - 19/09/2008
Corena Noel

I found this site full of information. I have always had an interest in the The Russian Royal Family. I think what happened to them was cruel, and should have been prevented! May they forever rest in peace. Corena

1 228 - 21/09/2008

Very nice site! The pictures are very haunting. Haunting pictures of sites of murders are always intriguing.

1 229 - 22/09/2008
Matthew Nawrocki

Hello. Thank you for your wonderful memorial page. It is such a darn shame the house was destroyed by the incompetent Boris Yeltsin.

1 230 - 24/09/2008
angela caufield

this was very informative. thanks for the education.

1 231 - 26/09/2008

I loved the page is very helpful.

1 232 - 27/09/2008
Paola from Italy

Amazing site!
I didn't know almost anything about the Romanov Family! Such a sad
Keep up the good work!

1 233 - 01/10/2008
Paola Ubidia

This page is really amazing and very complete, it is the most impressive online museum that I have ever visited!!!! Congratulations for this page and keep up the good work....

1 234 - 03/10/2008

New York Times, Oct. 2,2008: Yesterday Russia's Supreme Court rehabilitated the victims in Ipatiev House as victims of "unfounded repression". A pic of the Cathedral on the site and the devout is with this Page A5 article.

1 235 - 05/10/2008

I has reading all about Romanov's family and i want say many sadler's storied was happened to Last Romanov's family and I feel angry coz' USSR has killed Tsarevich Alexei, the little boy is not wrong. I'm angry about it!!! Once again I hope Gods will be save the Romanov's at his inside Warm Regard,

1 236 - 08/10/2008
Cornelius Toews

I appreciate the efforts made to make the story of the Romanov's available on the internet. I heard much about it from my mother who lived in Russia during the time the Romanov's were killed.

1 237 - 09/10/2008
Bill Honeycut

Is a bible autographed by Alexia Romanov in 1916 valuable ?

1 238 - 11/10/2008
Freddy Kruger

The Russian and Ukrainian people should seek reparations for the millions killed by the Bolsheviks and their international bankers who financed the Bolsheviks.

1 239 - 14/10/2008

Really tragic death. RIP

1 240 - 24/01/2009

I am from Russia. Nick 2 is the great man for me, and not only. And it always struck me, that foreign people so value and keep our history.....Thank you.

1 241 - 09/02/2009
Vanja Lujic

Carska Rusija ce se ponovo dici i biti osovina u borbi protiv zla! Ocekujemo povratak ruskog cara.

1 242 - 11/02/2009

It is a beautiful memorial, truth always is. It is a tragedy that we perpetuate by hating one another, May the Lord rain mercy upon us all.

1 243 - 18/03/2009


1 244 - 23/03/2009

May the Romanov's rest in peace, and may the world learn from this tragedy.

1 245 - 05/04/2009
Peter Murphy

Excellent site. It makes the event feel so real although so much time has passed.

1 246 - 10/04/2009

all i can say is that this site helped me with a big huge history assignment and yay!! i got a 98% so i am very happy. but sad that the romanovs were murdered.

1 247 - 10/04/2009

I have a strong fasination of Alexandra,Nicholas,Olga,Tatiana,Maria, Anastasia and Alexei.

In one of the photos from when Anastasia was young,she looks exactly like my six year old brother after a trip to the barbers. Alexandra's face bears a strong resemblance to my dad's face, too.

Also, I come from Latvia. I belive Latvia made a home for the remaining members of the Romanovs. I am curnently trying to learn everything about Anastasia.

Apparently, Anastasia, Olga and Tatiana had jewels sown onto their corsets, which i think was the reason only two survived.(The white army found that two bodies were missing, and they found part of Alexei's cap, Alexandra's earing and a bit of the Tsr's buckle belt. Maria had not been wearing any jewels in defence, and Olga would have been much more noticalbe - leaving only Tatiana and Anastasia.

1 248 - 11/04/2009

I have a strong fasination with the Romanov family. In fact, I believe I may be related. For starters, In a photograph of 'OTMA', Anastasia looks just like my brother after a trip to the barbers. And my dad bears strong resemblance to Alexandra. Also, for people wondering about Anna Anderson, she is not Anastasia. After Anna died, scientists conducted blood tests that linked her blood to that of the imperial family.

1 249 - 15/04/2009

I visited the site of the former Ipatieve House in August 2008 and there is now a Cathedral in its place honoring the family. I also visited the mine pit known as the four brothers or Gamina Yama where the bodies were first placed and it is an amazing place with seven orthodox wooden churches built for each member of the family. It is well worth going to visit. It is a very peaceful place with many pilgrims coming to visit it.

1 250 - 13/05/2009

well i just wanted to write in this because there was none for like years. But yes this site was helpfull in the under standing of Russian History and why there are so many songs and movies about the Romanovs...





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