Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia






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701 - 09/03/2005

i cant get enough of learning about the romanov family i feel that they were very good people and they loved their family very much,but were not very good rulers which wasnt their fault because their parents didnt give them the proper training they needed to rule russia and becuase they listened so much to outside influences.....but they didnt deserve to die and it truely saddens me....they deserve to be remembered and respected.

702 - 09/03/2005
Geoffrey Gibbons

After the murder of the Tzar and his family the imposition of Communism on what were previously his subjects represented a period of killing and tyranny. And an ongoing hatred for anyone who had more than two coins to rub together. While it is true that many starved under the reign of the Romanovs, under the rule of Lenin and Stalin the people where afraid, tortured, pilliaried, raped AND starved. God bless, love and keep the Romanovs.

We must never forget them or what happened to them.

703 - 11/03/2005
fernando acuña ide de chile

hola solo hablo español me encantaria saber mas de esta historia y por que no poder viajar a rusia cualquier informacion por favor enviarmela

704 - 12/03/2005
Daniel Tang From Singapore

Come across this website accidently when I am doing my research on DNA testing... A very sad story...sigh... Hope that they will rest in peace...
Maybe we will know the truth when we saw them in heaven...ahaah...

705 - 13/03/2005
Matthew Pirozzi

I am here for a modern history assignment. I am enjoying researching the Romanovs.

706 - 13/03/2005


707 - 13/03/2005
Franz Graf von Pfundner

Ich bin Blut Verwand von meinen Vater aus mit den Zar Nikolaus II der Romanov Dinasty von Russia.Gott schutze Russland und das russische Volk.

Hochachtungsvoll : Franz Grf. von Pfundner.

708 - 13/03/2005

very interesting site. i don't know what it is about this that keeps one reading and reading. hunting for clues i suppose. "looking for ghosts".

always i have felt compelled to this subject.


709 - 14/03/2005

i love russia and all that goes with it i have loved it since i saw the movie Anastasia and that was 4 or 5 years ago.

710 - 14/03/2005
Lisa Maria

hello my name is lisa maria.. i live in norway and i an very interested in the history of romanovs! I`ve red a lot about them. I don`t have a lot to say but this site was amacing!

Lisa maria Mojlanen Johnsen

711 - 15/03/2005

usefull assassination

712 - 16/03/2005
Milijana Vukovic

U potrazi sam za dobrim animacijama strukrure DNA, replikacije, biosinteze proteina...

713 - 19/03/2005
David Christopher Miedzianik

Anastacia is on at Sheffield Hallam FM Arena. I sent my ticket back to someone in ROTHERHAM, SOUTH YORKSHIRE. At present I'm here in DENVER, COLORADO, USA: until about next month i think??? my grandfather knew Rasputin FOR REAL: He worked as a guard down at one of the russian palaces: I don't know if I'm related to RASPUTIN or not???? LOVE: DAVID C, MIEDZIANIK

714 - 21/03/2005

thanks for the website, without u my history assignment would have been failed!
x x x x

715 - 22/03/2005
Morgan Allan

I think that the story of the Romanov's is really enteresting. i think that it was facinating how their last years of their lives were spent. maybe a part inside of me likes to believe that one of them escaped. i dont know. but who really does?

716 - 22/03/2005
Tara OLeary

Thank you

717 - 22/03/2005

Regarding the updates of youre page. i enjoyed looking at the updates and viviting the links and reading more of the infromation on the romanovs.
if you get anything new to youre site please let me know so i can come back and check it out again.

thank you for your time.


718 - 23/03/2005
Charlene Kulish

Very informative and interesting.
It is a shame the Ipatiev House was torn town.
The store about the circle of light falling on the cross was most touching and so fitting for the Last Tzar of all the Russias.
I am also grateful that the Romanov family has been properly buried.

719 - 25/03/2005
susana ester petreskova romanoff

oi gostaria de saber mais sobre meusa ancestrais,meus pais renegan amim contar a verdadeira historia sobre minha familia,mim em russo ou portugues :(por favor é muito inportante pra mim@_@:>(

720 - 25/03/2005

This website rocks! I think Alexi and Anastasia lived through the execution. Romanovs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

721 - 26/03/2005

I think it was a very sad story, how could someone do something like that? I really dont understand it! :(

722 - 27/03/2005
Aundrew Nieto

this is a good site...i have always been fascinated with the conspiracies about the death of anastasia and if she really survived...and if i am to be asked, i would take the side of anna anderson...i could just imagine how it would be like if it is really verified that she is the long lost grand duchess anastasia...the pictures in this site a re good too...thank you for having the time in helping other people like me understand and know more about this great part of history...

723 - 28/03/2005

This website rocks! So do the Romanovs! They will always be in my heart forever!

724 - 28/03/2005

concerning »"ang"...sorry but you do a gross mistake. All the family was fully aware of poverty in their country. I really do not know where you have catched such informations. For instance, Alexei was often with his father visiting some poor villages....talking to peoples and trying to give them some hope and courage....visiting sick peoples....military camp.....hospitals and so on. Girls were also aware. Nicky and Alix have never hide any subjects like that to their children. On the other hand, it was common to see the Tsar's children playing aorund the Palace with "common children"...

725 - 29/03/2005
yaznaya corona lara

hola soy de mexico, y quisiera saber mas sobre la dinastia romanov por que desde que tengo uso de razon me a encantado saber sobre otros paises.
atte. yaznaya

726 - 30/03/2005
Rebecca Maddison

I think the Romanov stories are really intresting and i love finding fascinating information about the Grand Duchess Anastasia!

727 - 31/03/2005

i am doing a report on Anastasia

728 - 01/04/2005

thankyou for your page from history I hope i'
ll find all that I need

729 - 11/04/2005

Believe in a holyness of this family can only those, who never ever read or simply was interested in a dramatic history and situation that happend in Russian Empire at the beginning of 20-th century.

To understand all this better i recomend everyone to have a deeper look inside the history, only after this excursion You can understand that everything that happened to this people was logical.....

I don't feel sorry for Tsar and Tsarina Alex.... i only feel sorry for their children.

730 - 11/04/2005
Roxanne Moore

great site very informative Keep it up

731 - 14/04/2005

know the really Olga Romanov...It is true

732 - 15/04/2005

Never forget forget your history .

733 - 19/04/2005
Morrigan Emily

I had to make a big project about the murder of the tsar and this site really helped me. Even if it was in English, I'm from Holland ;) Great work!

Morrigan Emily

734 - 20/04/2005
Hildawati Halim

Hi, i've read lots of books regarding the Tsar and the family, but this site (romanov-memorial) is the compilation of all the books i've read. i just cant wait to go to Russia and see it for myself all the places that u've shown in this site. thank YOU!!! H.Halim (Malaysia)

735 - 21/04/2005
Lauren Krukowski

i was searching for my ap world history class and found this great website on the romanovs.... it is great!

736 - 21/04/2005
Ashley Iacona

So I don't know a whole lot about this family but it sounds like a very large tragedy that still has a few mysteries to be solved. I was once a pretender 10 years ago and I know what it is like to think of someone still around.

737 - 21/04/2005

Romanofv family parents wish to never find the missing anastacia still alive with actual statue.

738 - 04/05/2005

La présentation est pas mal.. ! le seul soucy pour moi... c'est que se soit en anglais... Donc j'avoue ne pas pouvoir tout comprendre...
Mais bravo !

739 - 04/05/2005
Carolina Bustos

quiero saber mas sobre la historia de Anastaia ROMANOV POR QUE DESDE CHICA me conto mi profesor sobre ella y luego no supe mas y luego me la recordo la pelicula de Disney

740 - 06/05/2005

I have been reading a lot about the romanov family and with this page it really shows how horribly and tragic it really was, I can't understand how people can do such a thing, killing a whole family.

741 - 12/05/2005

I love Anastasia and Russia because I am RussiAn but is in it ironic that some one killed the royal family

742 - 13/05/2005
brenda onaz

realmente me siento no se si identificada pero me atrae mucho la historia y el tragico final de la familia imperial...lo loco del tema es que mi fecha de cumpleaños es la misma que la de tatiana (29-5)en fin a veces parece una pelicula la verdadera historia...es raro pensar que hubo un asesinato en masa de esas caracteristicas...es espelucnante
Sin dudas apruebo y recomiendo esta pagina

743 - 13/05/2005

keria saber ñla verdad por que les icieron eso

744 - 16/05/2005
Alexandra Verbitskaya

Thank you for the site!!! I am more and more sad when I know more abot this criminal action of the red communists.Threy were such terrble animals, and they have died with no regret.But with a happpy smile. It is too sad to know!!!!!How those people could be so happby in there lives, besides Jurovsky, since his tauchter Rimma was in Stalin prison,arrestred for 25 years in Stallin preasons. But Medvedev had no panishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

745 - 16/05/2005
Andre Luiz de Almeida

Very good site, here the information is right for the world

746 - 17/05/2005
bainca britany

i hate this web site this is really freaky i am so scared awwww

747 - 26/05/2005
bridgett galbraith

i miss the royal familiy alot and um so happy to hear 2 peps survived that cruel murder and let got be with the rest.

748 - 28/05/2005
giovanna tornay martin

por favor quien vea mi escrito ayudeme a demostrar que somos los verdadderos decendientes vivos , maria era mi abuela, la madre d emi madre y ella callo durante 20 años,y ahora yo quiero demostrarlo por su memoria, hemos tratado de hacerlo y nos obstaculizan, es mas los resultados que estan en los internet del adn d emi abuela no son verdadderos, y la unica manera d edemostrarlo es comparandolo con un decendiente vivo ,o michel de kent.
hemos tratado d ecomunicarnos con el y no nos dejan por favor ayudennos , y veran que nosotros si somos los verdadderos ,ustedes saben que hay muchos interezes creados y sobre tood con una prima lejana d emi abuela llamada maria que quiere que el hijo sea heredero y no es justo por que estamos vivos y con ganas d eayudar a rusia y al mundo entero saludes mios y por favor contesten giovanna, es mas mi abuela estaba bajo el nombre d ehelena martin del four y nacionalidad francesa, que por supuesto son identificacion falssa, y tenemos otras pruevas y foto

749 - 29/05/2005

i'm love the Romanov pictures

750 - 29/05/2005
ena von wenckheim

deseo saber si vive




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