Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia
Ipatiev House - Romanov Memorial - The tragic end of the last Czar of Russia





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Historical Context

     Discover historical context of Russia at the beginning of the century. It starts with Nikolaï II reign and events which have led the country into revolution. It ends with the fall of the Romanov dynasty and the emprisonment of the Romanov family.

Outside Tour

     Walk around the last jail of Romanov family, Ipatiev house, as it still exists. You will see photos, video and house maps. Use Google Earth to localize the place where Ipatiev house was in Yekaterinburg.

Flavio Costantini Ipatiev House Artwork
Casa Ipatev IV - Painting by Flavio Costantini

Inside Tour

     Discover Ipatiev house main rooms photos with interactiv maps.

The Drama

     Circonstances of the killing of Romanov family on night of 16 July with maps, pictures and photos from a movie.

cellar room

     Visit the room where the Romanov family was killed with an 360° panomaric view. See photos of this place and learn about mysterious words and signs found on cellar room walls after the murder.

After 1918

     Investigations about Romanov execution, impostors, Becoming of Ipatiev house after 1917 and

Flavio Costantini Ipatiev House Artwork
Casa Ipatev - Painting by Flavio Costantini

Flavio Costantini Ipatiev House Artwork
Casa Ipatev II - Painting by Flavio Costantini

The Final Chapter

     The last and contemporary act of this drama. The discovery and identification of Romanov's remains.


     Chapter presenting the most famous Romanov pretenders like Anna Anderson or Heino Tammet.


Links & bools

     To carry on about this subject. A selection of other good sites and books about Romanov family and tragedy.


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Flavio Costantini Ipatiev House Artwork
Tobolsk - Painting by Flavio Costantini

Ganina Pit - Artwork by S. Molchanov
Ganina Pit - Painting by S. Molchanov



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About this site

     Some few words about site aims, sources used, making of, and more...



     Some painting of these pages are Art Works from Flavio Costantini. This Italian painter has designed a lot of paintings about Romanovs like Ipatiev and Tobolsk series. These have been reproduced in Romanov-Memorial with his king agreement.

     If you are interested in Flavio Costantini complete Art Work, I invite you to discover his site here.

The Ipatiev House after the murder
of the Royal Family. Painting by Pavel Ryzhenko.
(Click for a larger version)

"All of Them" Artwork of all the victims in the cellar room

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